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How To Measure Success As A Home Improvement Salesperson

Properly measuring your sales performance is essential for driving growth within your business. Usually, companies stick to measuring common key performance indicators (KPIs) such as goal achievement and quota attainment. But if you’re in sales, you know that these aren’t the only important indicators you should be monitoring.  If you are looking to better measure … Read more

Top Online Marketing Tips for Home Improvement Lead Generation

If you own a home improvement or serviced-based contracting company, odds are you’re going to have to add marketing to your list of skills after entrepreneurship.  Just like any other business, marketing plays a huge role in getting your home improvement company in front of your ideal target audience.  Besides word of mouth, which is … Read more

Customer Centricity: What Is It? And Who Is Doing It Right?

What is Customer Centricity? Customer centricity means putting the customer first and at the center of everything that you do. You might think to yourself, “That’s easy – I can do that.” But is it really that simple? Being customer-centric entails more than just saying the customer is top of mind. It is about truly … Read more

The words Don't Forget to Take Care of Yourself on a note card pinned to a cork notice board as a reminder to look after our own mental and physical health

Healthier You, Healthier Business

Most home improvement pros are constantly on the go. Early to rise, on the road or a job site all day, deadlines to meet, get what sleep you can, rinse & repeat. Often the routine forces us to neglect the self-care department of life. Grab a quick and not so healthy bite on the way to a job or meeting, pound a supersized highly caffeinated coffee or energy drink, pull 10+ hour days 6 or even 7 days per week. It is a grind, even on those with superhero stamina and energy, both physically and mentally.