Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Delivering an exceptional customer experience to home improvement professionals by developing strong relationships, understanding and meeting the needs of our clients, and providing quality opportunities for customer acquisition.


With the enrollment of our first client on April 26th, 2018, what was once an idea of a company, conXpros became a reality. The founders of our company share many common beliefs, but the most common denominator is the unwavering passion to help others succeed. After more than 12 combined years working at one of our competitors, both Chris Green and Ari Greenbaum agreed that the home improvement lead generation business could be so much more than it currently was. The feeling was not that the industry itself was flawed, rather the primary focus was not where it should be…on the customer! Both Chris and Ari felt that although many companies in this field were highly profitable, often it was at the expense of the customer experience. As a result, conXpros was born, where we are aggressively working to disrupt the market with unmatched customer experience.

Chris and Ari from conXpros

Customer experience is a big concept. While most companies dedicate time and money to developing better user interfaces and new products to sell their clients, conXpros dedicates itself to giving home improvement pros what they really need…having a partner and company that truly cares. This general idea is at the forefront of every feature and aspect of how conXpros operates. We build relationships with our customers through a dedicated account management system where you are a valued client rather than simply a revenue stream. We only offer exclusive leads to our clients. As opposed to focusing on maximizing our own profits, we focus on the success of our clients. There is no avoiding “bad leads” when it comes to lead generation. The problem most pros experience with other services is that they are left having to pay for those bad leads and fight the lead company to get refunded their hard-earned dollars. We feel that clients should only pay for genuine opportunities and created a lead credit policy that is second to none to back it up. Bottom line…we don’t just say that we care about our clients and their success, we back it up with action!

Since our launch, we have been focused on changing the opinion of home improvement contractors one relationship at a time. We have had the privilege of connecting thousands of home owners with our clients to assist them with their home improvement needs. The clients that have come to experience our services can feel the difference of working with a company that is deeply rooted in honesty, integrity and doing the right thing. We strive to be more than a lead provider for our clients. We take great pride in helping our clients continue to grow and achieve their goals.

conXpros logo with transparent background

Our philosophy & Values

  • Doing exactly what we say we will do
  • Accountability to deliver quality opportunities
  • Exceptional client care and service
  • Focus on helping others get what they want
  • Build relationships through integrity and honesty
  • 100% effort 100% of the time
  • Always remain humble
  • About the Founders

    About Ari Greenbaum

    Ari from conXpros

    Ari Greenbaum has experienced and enjoyed a successful career as a top producer, builder, and manager of exceptional sales and customer service teams, and sharing his vast knowledge, skill, and passion for the world of sales and with others. He spent more than 8 years building the customer-facing aspect of a competitive home improvement lead generation service. Ari has also done in home sales for HVAC replacement and Window replacement companies. Originally from South Florida, Ari also lived in Israel for 9 years, and now calls Milton, GA home. His free time is typically spent with his family, 5 children & 2 rescued dogs. He loves coaching little league, fishing, cheering on his favorite pro and college teams, and live music.

    About Chris Green

    Chris from conXpros

    Chris has a passion and dedication to helping make those around him successful. Whether it is with a client or one of the conXpros team members, he loves celebrating success and achievement of goals. He brings his straight-shooting, no-nonsense mindset to every relationship he builds. Chris has an extensive history in the home improvement lead generation working directly with clients for more than 5 years at one of the larger competitors to conXpros. Beyond his experience and passion for home improvement, he also brings a background in marketing and management to conXpros. Chris is originally from North Carolina, has lived in California, and currently makes his home in Roswell, GA. When not in the office, Chris is typically found spending quality time with his family, 2 kids, 2 rescued dogs. He loves reading, the Patriots, fitness, hitting the gym, and working on do-it-yourself projects (he’s pretty handy).

    Our Culture: Giving Back

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