Lead Generation Testimonials

I like the personal touch that this company has. I love the fact that I'm not fighting other contractors for the job and that when I call these customers I am actually talking to a person to get in front of doing some work. I would highly recommend this company if you want to further your business!

Buddy McNair
Mr. Electric

As a new business, we have been working with conxpros for approximately two months now and I cannot say enough good things about them. The customer service is impeccable especially from Cornelius my personal representative he is always willing to help and go above and beyond 2 make sure that quality leads are sent and bad leads are refunded We have dealt with a few lead processing centers and by far ConXpros has produced what they promised

Jeanna Saunders

We have been with ConXpros for a couple of months. We have gotten good quality leads. I have gotten fast refunds on leads as well. You should try them!

Carl Selfridge

We own Mr. Handyman in Rogers Arkansas and we love working with Chris and the team at ConXpro. We are able to close about 75% of the leads that come through ConXpro. They have great customer service. We typically receive a phone call from them once a week to follow up on leads that they've sent us. When we receive a bogus lead they always credit our account and sometimes they even beat us to the punch and credit our account before we even ask for the credit. Top-notch company. Keep up the good work

Christie Regan
Mr. Handyman

I have been working with ConX for just about a year and pleased with the way they do business. The high level of honesty and integrity is refreshing from a lead generation company. They sold me on a great customer experience and have delivered thus far.

Phil Bowman

I've been working with lead-gen companies for over 6 years and worked with every major player in the industry. ConXpros is consistently one of our top-performing lead sources. I would recommend them to any contractor looking to grow their business.

Stephen Petrie

I started my handyman service with conXpros and almost immediately started getting leads. Typically generated leads that actually come to fruition range in the 25% - 30% range based on past experience. I'm at about 80% with conXpros. They do not send you on blind leads, they follow up. When you contact the potential client they react like they are expecting your call. Thank You ConXpros!!!

Mickey Emerson

My Company has been using ConXpros for months for air duct cleaning leads and we have had great results. We get multiple leads per week, we have gotten a few leads that were bad but they are great at crediting back the funds for those. When I signed up they explained the service to me thoroughly and kept their word with everything I was told. They are good at helping along the way too if you have any questions or need help with anything. If you need a source of more jobs, I would highly recommend ConXpros.

Amber Moore
Duct Doctor