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How it Works


With Exclusive Phone Verified leads and automated lead follow-ups, conXpros will help you to grow your business!




Create your account based on the specifications you want. Choose the categories and locations to receive traditional or inbound call leads. Set the times to receive leads and the amount of leads you want on either a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Determine where and who leads should be delivered in real-time by email and/or SMS.

Explore your lead type below

| Traditional Leads

Grow your business with our traditional leads!

Here’s how we do it:

For traditional leads, homeowners find our sites when searching for companies to meet their home improvement or home services need. They submit their information to get connected to one matching company in their local market qualified to meet their needs.

Each homeowner’s request is delivered to only one client as an exclusive lead. Leads are delivered in “real-time” by email, SMS, and/or directly to your CRM.

Contact the homeowner to offer your services & start winning jobs.


Every lead delivered to our clients goes through an extensive 7 point verification process. After delivering and allowing our clients the opportunity to speak with the homeowner, we start a process that includes 3 phone calls, 2 emails as well as 2 text messages. These efforts are to make sure our clients are successful in reaching the homeowner and setting appointments to meet their needs. Additionally, we “scrub” our leads for anything that indicates a quality issue. When found, we proactively credit our clients’ accounts for the poor-quality lead.

The Follow-up

We help you win your leads using an automated follow-up texting application, at no additional cost to you.

Here’s how it works:

We will send your leads an instant text + 3 automatic follow-ups.

  • Instant Text— the immediate follow-up.
  • 2nd Text— 15 minutes later.
  • 3rd Text— 2 hours later.
  • 4th Text— 24 hours later; the final follow-up.

If leads text back: you’ll receive an email with a link that directs you to the conversation. Whether you’re on your phone or desktop, you can easily text your lead back. Once they text back, all follow-ups are paused, and it’s up to you to continue the conversation.

Get notified whenever a lead follows a link to your site. Then, we automatically send a follow-up 15 minutes later.

All texts are sent with your logo and company name on top, so they look very professional.

| Live Inbound Call Leads

Grow your business with our inbound call leads!

Here’s how we do it:

1. Homeowners will discover your service through a dedicated landing page that specifically addresses your offering.

2. The landing page will prominently display a phone number for homeowners to call. When they dial the number and are connected, they will be prompted to enter their zip code.

3. If the zip code entered by the homeowner matches with your service area, you will receive a call to connect with the lead and start a conversation.

Why opt for live, inbound call leads? Here are the key benefits:

  • No more non-contact: Say goodbye to the struggle of non-contact! With our efficient inbound call system, you can connect with leads in real-time, eliminating the challenge of missed opportunities.
  • Simplicity: Our system is designed to be simple and straightforward, leaving no room for confusion or uncertainty. You can easily manage and track your inbound calls with clarity and confidence.
  • Training: Our clients have found immense value in using the recorded calls for training purposes. Listening to actual interactions with leads provides valuable insights for refining sales techniques and improving customer service skills.
  • Complete Transparency: Call recordings = more transparency. With each call recorded, there’s never any confusion surrounding whether the lead was valid or not.

Only pay for quality leads

We expect our clients to only pay for legitimate opportunities with homeowners looking to hire. When leads are delivered that do not meet this standard, we make it simple to report and receive account credits for bad leads through a user-friendly dashboard. Our lead credit policy is second to none.


Every client has a dedicated account manager assigned to their account. Our goal is to understand the unique needs of every client and do our best to meet those needs. Account managers work with clients to make necessary adjustments and changes to accounts as well as optimize and improve the quality of leads being delivered.

There are no contracts, we believe in earning your business.
No start up fees, no annual fees, you only pay for quality delivered leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does conXpros differ from other lead generation companies?

There are many differences, but the primary focus at conXpros is providing an exceptional customer experience for every client. We do this by building a relationship with each client through a dedicated account management system (think boutique experience vs big box/department store experience). We only deliver exclusive leads to our clients (we do not offer a shared lead service). We believe that you should only pay for leads that are genuine opportunities. Our lead credit policy is the most aggressive in the industry and supports you the client, not our bottom line. Since our launch in April 2018, we have regularly been complimented and praised on our unwavering level of integrity and honesty with our clients.

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