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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

How does conXpros differ from other lead generation companies?

There are many differences, but the primary focus at conXpros is providing an exceptional customer experience for every client. We do this by building a relationship with each client through a dedicated account management system (think boutique experience vs big box/department store experience). We only deliver exclusive leads to our clients (we do not offer a shared lead service) AND we offer both traditional and live inbound call leads. We believe that you should only pay for leads that are genuine opportunities. Our lead credit policy is the most aggressive in the industry and supports you the client, not our bottom line. Since our launch in April 2018, we have regularly been complimented and praised on our unwavering level of integrity and honesty with our clients.

Are there any contracts or time commitments to using your service?

Never!!! We have confidence in our services and have no need to lock a client into a contract. We believe we constantly must earn your business.

How many companies do you work with in my area?

The number of companies we work with for each category in each area does vary. However, due to the fact we only deliver exclusive leads to our clients, we take great effort not to over-saturate an area. We prefer to keep one (or a few) clients happy as opposed to trying to satisfy the needs of the masses.

Are there any fees associated with your service?

There are no fees or memberships with our service, ever!

What do I have to do to get started with conXpros?

Our enrollment process is simple and takes 5-7 minutes to complete. You will need the basic information for your company to create your profile, details of where & who leads should be delivered to, and payment information for the initial deposit. You can either call us directly at (770) 741-1935 (option 2) or use the contact page here on our site & one of our awesome representatives will gladly assist you. We are excited to help you!

Account Management

Do I have to call into a call center to get help for my account?

We do not have a “call center” with customer service or “retention” specialists. conXpros assigns a Dedicated Account Manager to every client account. Your account manager will be knowledgeable about your account history, understand your needs, and works to build a relationship with you. They can be reached by direct calls, emails or SMS.

Is my dedicated account manager available to me whenever I need them?

Account managers are human and require sleep and family time just like you. One of the downsides of a dedicated account management system is that we are not available 24/7, but we do our best to be available as our clients need us by phone, email or SMS. We are here to serve YOU!

How many leads can I expect to receive in a week/month?

Acquiring homeowners on our client’s behalf is not a perfect science. However, we do work diligently to fulfil the budgets for all clients. We only make money by delivering you leads! The volume of leads does vary based on the category and service area. The more categories and larger service area will typically result in more leads.

Can I control the number of leads I get?

Absolutely! We have the ability to “limit” or “cap” your lead flow on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Every client has specific needs and we aim to meet them.

How do you determine the locations leads will come from?

We have the ability to create service areas based on specific zip codes, a mileage radius around a center point, or by county. We will only get you leads where you want them!

Can I control when I get leads?

Yes, you can! We will set lead delivery schedules based on the needs of each client. You will only receive leads on the days and times you want them and are available to service them.

What if I am too busy for leads or going on vacation?

Everyone needs a break once in a while! We offer a “pause” feature to our clients allowing you to start or stop your leads at any time. This is easily done through a dashboard that can be accessed either from any mobile device or a desktop computer. This is a completely manual feature, so don’t forget to turn your leads back on when you are ready to get back at it!


How do you get the leads you are providing for contractors?

All leads supplied to our clients are acquired online either by ourselves or our trusted sources. Yes, this is a generic answer, but you don’t go to KFC asking the Colonel for his secret recipe, correct?

How many people do you sell each lead to?

We never sell leads to multiple clients. Every lead delivered to each client is an exclusive lead, period.

How will leads get delivered to me?

All traditional leads are delivered in “real-time” as the request is made by email and SMS simultaneously. Traditional leads can also be viewed on an online dashboard available to all clients. Live, inbound phone call leads, however, are delivered when the prospect chooses to contact you!

If the leads are exclusive, do I need to call as soon as I get it?

This is a trick question! It depends on what kind of leads you purchase from us. If you have purchased traditional leads, the answer is yes of course!!! This is just as, if not more important than with shared lead services. If the homeowner does not hear from you, they will seek help elsewhere! However, if you’ve purchased live inbound call leads, no need to call! Sit tight and the homeowner will reach out to YOU first.

Quality Assurance

What does it mean “only pay for quality leads”?

Exactly as it sounds. Our belief is that you should only be responsible to pay for leads that are legitimate opportunities. Based on our credit policy, any lead we deliver that does not meet this definition will be eligible for credit.

What happens if I get a bad lead?

First, we need to take the word “if” out of the equation and substitute the word “when”. Although we aim for quality, you will get bad leads from time to time. We make it super simple to report these leads and receive credit. You can report them through your dashboard or your dedicated account manager. We will resolve all credit requests within 2-3 business days, but try to do it even sooner!

Do I only pay for the jobs I win?

Absolutely NOT!!! We are delivering opportunities, not booked jobs. It does take effort from your end to convert a lead into a paying job. The vast majority of our clients convert our leads at the same percentage they do with any homeowners they typically provide estimates to. You should expect the same.

What is your credit policy?

Our credit policy is available to the public. We are so confident in what we created; we don’t hide it. Rather it is on display for the world to see. You can view the policy here, or by viewing our Terms & Conditions.

Do you phone verify leads?

Yes!! Every lead we deliver goes through a verification process. WE DO NOT PRE-SCREEN LEADS. Our verification team contacts each lead starting 30-120 minutes after it has been delivered to the client. We make 3 phone calls over the course of 2 days, send 2 emails and 2 text messages. This is done in an effort to ensure quality (scrub) and make sure that our clients are setting appointments with the home owners.

What happens if your verification team learns of a bad lead?

We are the only lead generation company that proactively issues credits for poor quality leads without first being notified by the client. When we find a lead not meeting our quality standards, we immediately issue credit to the client account and notify you by email of the processed refund.

Pricing & Billing

How much does the service/leads cost?

Lead prices vary per type (traditional vs live inbound calls), category, and location. You will only pay for the leads we deliver to you. There are never any startup costs or annual fees. We believe we should only get paid by doing our job, delivering leads to our clients!

Do I have to pay upfront?

We do require a deposit from which we will deliver leads against. The amount is determined by each client based on their individual needs and budgets. Any available funds from deposits are 100% refundable as detailed in our Terms & Conditions.

How does your billing system work?

We are a “pay as you go” service. We will deduct the lead cost from your existing account balance. When the amount in your account is getting low (typically the amount for 2-3 leads), we notify you by email as a friendly reminder. Once an account balance has gone below the amount for a single lead, our system will reload your account to the method of payment on file, for the same amount as the previous deposit to avoid missing any opportunities.

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