Lead Credit Policy

Partial lead credits are considered for:

  • Job type you are assigned comes in a different category you are also assigned

The following situations will be eligible for lead credits:

  • Contact information is incorrect; bad numbers or emails
  • A contractor or potential client of conXpros testing the system
  • Any lead that is outside of the job type requested
  • Request that comes in outside of the agreed service area
  • A customer enters the same request twice, creating a duplicate lead
  • Job type does not match the campaign filter
  • Customer did not request for the work to be done
  • After you have called and emailed over the course of three days and the QA team also hasn’t reached the lead, it will be eligible for credit upon the discretion of your account manager

The following situations are accounted for in our lead pricing and therefore not eligible for lead credits:

  • Customer is shopping for pricing
  • You did not close the job
  • Customer hires someone else to do the project
  • You contact us more than 5 days past the date on which the lead was received