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Lead Credit Policy

*All lead credit requests must be submitted within 5 days after delivery of the lead to be eligible for credit.

At conXpros, we believe that our clients should only pay for leads that are genuine opportunities. Our credit policy was created to ensure that this goal is being met. Reporting leads for credit is simple; either by reporting directly through the client dashboard or reporting to the dedicated account manager assigned to your account. Once a credit request is submitted, you will receive an email confirming that it was received, and then once processed another email with either the acceptance or denial (with detailed and clear reasons why) of the request. All approved credit requests will result in the cost of the lead being returned to the balance of your account. Our goal is to process and resolve all credit requests properly submitted expeditiously. We aim to render credit decisions within 2-3 business days from the date the request was submitted to ensure your money is going to work for you.

The following situations will be credited:

  • Incorrect contact information: The contact information is for a different person that is not the individual (or co-owner/spouse of the property) listed on the lead information provided
  • Non-working phone number: The phone number provided is not a working number
  • Wrong category: The lead was for a different project than what was matched to the category/project type in your lead filter settings (In the case that you are eligible for leads in the corrected category, a partial refund for the difference in the cost of the lead will be issued)
  • Wrong location: The lead was for a project in a different location (not in your targeted service area) than the zip code on the submitted information
  • Duplicate lead: The lead delivered was previously delivered by conXpros for the same task category within the last 30 days
  • Testing/solicitation: The lead was submitted by a home improvement company testing the system or by a third-party soliciting you to purchase their product or service
  • Looking for work: The person submitting the lead was seeking employment opportunities rather than looking to hire a contractor
  • Not authorized to hire: For projects that require home owner approval and the person submitting the request is not authorized to hire due to not owning the property or is a minor
  • Work already hired/completed: After speaking with the homeowner and they share with you that the work was either hired or completed BEFORE the time the lead was delivered to you from conXpros
  • Customer did not make request: After speaking with the homeowner and they share that there was no request made for quotes
  • Misleading or inaccurate advertisement: After speaking with the homeowner, they share that the reason they submitted the request was due to misleading or inaccurate information (such as “free” services, enticement to enter a contest or sweepstakes, or incentivized to submit)
  • Do not call request: Upon first contact with the person submitting the lead, they ask to be placed on the Do Not Call list
  • Non-contact: Leads that you are not able to make contact with are eligible for credit. To qualify for credit due to non-contact, the following minimum criteria MUST be met; You have called within minutes of lead delivery, called a second time on the same day as delivery, called again on day 2 and day 3 after delivery, and attempted to reach the homeowner by email and/or text without successfully establishing contact. If these minimum criteria are met BUT we have made contact with the lead through our own verification process (by phone, email or text), the lead will not be eligible for credit due to non-contact

We will proactively credit leads when as a result of our verification team’s efforts, when we find the following:

  • A lead has invalid or incorrect contact information
  • A lead has a non-working phone number
  • A lead claims to have not submitted the request
  • A lead for someone seeking employment
  • A duplicate lead previously delivered from conXpros within the last 30 days
  • A lead that was testing the system or soliciting for a product/service
  • Often a credit is submitted and/or processed for a lead by our lead verification team before it is reported by the client. You will receive notification of this by email and the status of the lead can be viewed on your client dashboard

The following situations are NOT eligible for lead credits as they are circumstances out of our control:

  • You do not win the job/they hired a different company
  • The homeowner changes their mind after submitting a valid request
  • The homeowner is “shopping”
  • Affordability concerns or inability to qualify for financing
  • Language barriers affecting ability to communicate with the homeowner
  • The lead was received from a different lead generation company before or after receiving the lead from conXpros
  • The homeowner is already in your CRM/database before receiving the lead from conXpros
  • The homeowner has a valid project request, however they are not ready to start work for the project immediately

Credit requests submitted for the following situations will be declined by our Lead Verification Team:

  • The lead is reported for credit AFTER the reporting period (5 days after the date the lead was delivered)
  • The lead is being reported for credit due to non-contact BEFORE the required minimum 3-day process has been met
  • The lead was delivered for a task which is appropriate for the category, even if you do not offer the specific type of work or service that specific type of property
  • The only reason for the credit request is for an incorrect or invalid physical address (we do not require an accurate address for a lead to be submitted by a homeowner)
  • You do not provide information in the notes to determine the reason for the lead credit request
  • The description of the credit request reason does not match a valid reason for credit based on the Lead Credit Policy
  • The verification team has information from the homeowner that contradicts or differs from the reason credit is being requested
  • Due to our being expeditious in processing your credit requests, if information comes to our attention from the homeowner which contradicts a previously approved credit, we reserve the right to reverse the decision

Although we strive for perfection, we are human and we can (albeit infrequently) make an error. Any denied lead credit request decision can be reviewed and reconsidered by contacting your dedicated account manager for assistance. Once a review on a previously declined credit request has been decided as either approved or denied, the status is final and cannot be further reviewed for reversal.