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Lead Credit Policy

At conXpros, we believe that our clients should only pay for leads that are genuine opportunities. While not every lead is perfect, we strive to offer an industry-best return process under specific criteria.   

Requesting credit for leads is simple by submitting directly through the client dashboard. Once a request is submitted, you will receive an email confirming receipt. After the credit request is reviewed and processed, its status can be found under ‘Refund Status’ on your dashboard. Our goal is to process and resolve all properly submitted requests expeditiously. We aim to render credit decisions within 5-7 business days from the date the request was submitted.

The following lead criteria will be credited:

  • Incorrect contact information: The contact information is for a different person that is not the individual (or family member of the property) listed on the lead information provided.
  • Disconnected or invalid numbers: i.e.: 123-456-7891or no longer in service.
  • Duplicate lead: The lead delivered was previously delivered by conXpros for the same task category within the last 30 days.
  • Testing/solicitation: The lead was submitted by a home improvement company testing the system or by a third-party soliciting you to purchase their product or service.
  • Out of service area: Out of specified radius in miles/counties/etc.

The request criteria outlined below are not eligible for credit as they outside the control of conXpros:

  • You do not win the job/they hired a different company.
  • The homeowner changes their mind after submitting a valid request.
  • The homeowner is “shopping”.
  • Affordability concerns or inability to qualify for financing.
  • The lead was received from a different lead generation company before or after receiving the lead from conXpros.
  • The homeowner is already in your CRM/database before receiving the lead from conXpros.
  • The homeowner has a valid project request, however they are not ready to start work for the project immediately.
  • The Homeowner is unresponsive to calls/texts or does not respond in the way/timeframe you expected.
  • The lead is reported for credit AFTER the reporting period.
  • The lead was delivered for a task which is appropriate for the category, even if you do not offer the specific type of work or service that specific type of property.
  • The credit request is for an incorrect or invalid physical address (we do not require an accurate address for a lead to be submitted by a homeowner).
  • Information is not notated to determine the reason for the lead credit request.
  • The description of the credit request reason does not match a valid reason for credit based on the Lead Credit Policy.
  • We have information from the homeowner that contradicts or differs from credit request.
  • We reserve the right to reverse a credit when we have information that contradicts a previously approved credit.

Timing of Returns:

  • Returns for Inbound Call Leads must be submitted within 5 business days from receipt.
  • Returns for Standard Leads must be requested within 8 days from receipt.


We recognize that no policy can be perfect. If you feel there is an exceptional circumstance that requires review, please contact your Account Manager.