The Benefits of Offering Financing Options for Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects can be a significant investment. Whether it’s a new kitchen or bathroom remodel, a deck addition, or a complete renovation, the cost can quickly add up. Many homeowners put off these projects because they don’t have the funds to pay for them upfront. As a contractor, you may have trouble attracting clients … Read more

3 Ways You Can Use Competitor Analysis To Reach More Customers For Your Home Improvement Business Image

3 Ways You Can Use Competitor Analysis To Reach More Customers For Your Home Improvement Business

As the holidays are fast approaching, we wanted to gift you some great tips to help you grow your customer base and business during what can be a slow time for a lot of home improvement businesses. It’s no secret that this time of year can be slower and less profitable than other seasons, especially … Read more

5 Service Tips Home Improvement Pros Can Use To Increase Their Customer Satisfaction Blog header

5 Service Tips Home Improvement Pros Can Use To Increase Their Customer Satisfaction

If you’re a home improvement pro, you know that “soft skills” and achieving customer satisfaction are nearly just as important to your business as hard skills. The common saying that “customer is king” rings true in every aspect. You are in business to serve the customer. You identified a need or problem that the customer … Read more

How to Leverage CRMs to Grow and Nurture Your Customer Base as a Home Improvement Contractor

Today, it is becoming increasingly more popular for home improvement professionals to use CRMs, or customer relationship management software to streamline their sales process. While this is an excellent way to collect and record your sales data, it is also excellent for streamlining your communication with potential and current customers. The risk of not having … Read more

4 Key Pieces of Advice for Home Improvement Pros When Offering Gutter Services

For home improvement professionals in the gutter service industry, getting leads is one thing, but turning them into bottom-line revenue for your business is another.  No matter how well-planned your marketing strategy is or if you’re generating a ton of leads from advertising, you still need to know how to successfully close a deal.  As … Read more

The process of qualifying prospects for your home improvement business

Generating leads is important, but qualifying your leads is vital to ensure you’re targeting the right audience. It’s difficult to ensure every single lead you get is qualified, especially in the home improvement business.  Homeowners are not professionals (which is why they’re calling you) and are less likely to understand what they actually need. It’s … Read more

5 ways to manage your home improvement business's reputation

5 Ways to Manage Your Home Improvement Business’s Reputation

For owners of home improvement businesses, online reputation management is often one of the most important ways to ensure you’re generating new business. If you don’t pay attention to what’s being said about your home improvement business online, you are not only harming your pipeline, but missing out on a big opportunity to improve lead … Read more

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A conXpros Case Study: Gutter Shutter, Southeast Wisconsin

Gutter Shutter came to conXpros after having tough experiences with impersonal lead generation companies providing non-exclusive leads. After working with conXpros, Gutter Shutter was able to significantly grow its pipeline and close more deals. Gutter Shutter struggled with generating quality gutter leads. Taylor Walters of Gutter Shutter in Southeast Wisconsin knew he could win clients … Read more