Persist to Persist

Often, I spend time thinking about my successes and failures in sales. As any sales pro with self-awareness will share, I found there are many deals I won due to what I did or didn’t do. I don’t have data to determine what percentage of my deals were the direct result of my sales ability & skill, but just like the deals I lost, I am responsible for most of my “wins”. In other words, it was not just dumb luck, rather using processes and skills that I know work.


To be consistent one must understand what affects your thoughts, feelings, and actions. We are all faced with the increasing challenge of distractions the modern world presents us on a moment to moment basis. We are under constant barrage of potential influencers, but to achieve consistency you must insulate yourself from them. If it sounds challenging, you are correct, it is. No one will ever tell you that success comes easily, rather only through tremendous and consistent effort.


“Success is all about consistency around the fundamentals” (Robin Sharma-Writer and leadership speaker). Historically, there are few if any people that have achieved massive success and have done so without consistency. The concept of consistency is practically a super-human trait, as the ones that achieve it typically are well known leaders in their areas of expertise. People by nature are highly inconsistent.