March 2023 Newsletter – What’s New at conXpros

It feels like yesterday that I was writing the opening for the newsletter to kick off the new year. Time definitely flies when you are having fun. That is exactly what I describe my day-to-day as… FUN! What makes it so awesome is knowing that we have so many fantastic clients that we have the … Read more

February Newsletter – What’s New at conXpros

Boom! It is fantastic to be back at it with the holidays and change of calendar in the rearview mirror. One last BIG THANK YOU to all of the amazing clients that we have had the opportunity to partner with and build successful relationships with throughout our first 5 years of existence. Y’all are the … Read more

January Newsletter conXpros Header

January Newsletter – What’s New at conXpros

I will start by wishing everyone a hugely successful year. We all have our benchmarks and measurements of success. I hope that by this time next year, we are all celebrating a fantastic, success-filled, goal-smashing 2023! With the start of a new calendar year, we also look back at our successes and failures from the … Read more

November Newsletter – What’s New at conXpros

  November means the fall season is in full swing and Thanksgiving is around the corner. This is one of my favorite times of the year for many reasons, but most importantly, a reminder to be grateful and give thanks to those that make our lives special. This is the month that no lead-in is … Read more

October Newsletter – What’s New at conXpros

Happy Fall y’all!!! This is one of my favorite times of the year. Being born & raised in Miami, FL, it was only later in my life that I had the opportunity to experience what fall is all about: cooling temperatures, leaves changing colors, and a reminder of the beauty we are surrounded by. Fall … Read more

September Newsletter Featured Image

September Newsletter – What’s New at conXpros

The summer is coming to a close, but it has remained scorching hot for conXpros and most importantly, for our valued clients. I also wanted to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day holiday! The patriotic and seasonal holidays are awesome, but Labor Day is just for us—the folks out there busting our humps to help … Read more

August 2022 Newsletter Feature Image

August Newsletter – What’s New at conXpros

It’s August already? The kids are starting school? What happened to the summer? The easy answer for the majority of conXpros clients and our internal team, it was smoking hot and we were too busy to realize the summer was almost over.   I appreciate and value all of the amazing partnerships we have and … Read more