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September Newsletter – What’s New at conXpros

September 13, 2022

The summer is coming to a close, but it has remained scorching hot for conXpros and most importantly, for our valued clients.

I also wanted to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day holiday! The patriotic and seasonal holidays are awesome, but Labor Day is just for us—the folks out there busting our humps to help others, provide exceptional service, and succeed. This is the day for us to reflect on our achievements and celebrate our success. I do not like to wait for one day a year to celebrate the success of our clients, rather I like to highlight and celebrate specific client success stories every month (and at every opportunity available).

Many of the success stories that were shared in August came from some of our newest clients. I love knowing that we have made such a positive impact on the lives and businesses of so many people, so please share your accomplishments and wins with your account managers. I would love to highlight you and your success next month.

Here are a few of the ones that really stood out to me out of the large volume of feedback received:

No better place to start than what Francisco with Castle, “The Window People”, reported after his first 5 days of service with conXpros. Fransisco shared that from the initial $1,000 investment, they already had 2 appointments, and one of them already converted to just over $11,000! That is a fantastic start and I can’t wait to hear what a full month results in for Francisco and his team.

Another client that is new to our system and has found tremendous success is Brad Briggs with G2G Tree Service. Brad is a younger business owner (under 30 years old), but is approaching his leads and his success like a seasoned vet. Brad has been following the prescription we offer for success with leads and he has killed it! He has invested less than $8k with us so far since mid-May and already has made well over $36k with us. He was being conservative when he reported that he is closing 60% of what we send him with a thorough process for reaching homeowners. Keep rocking it, Brad!

Ross at Coast Remodel, who only started working with conXpros on August 15th, has found immediate success. Ross shared that of the first 3 leads delivered, they have converted 2 of them, for projects totaling $11,600!!! I could not imagine a better start for a client. Great job all around!

Richard with RWW Renovations came on board the day after Ross on August 16th. Richard has found different but similar results. Richard is focused on receiving junk removal leads from us. At the time the story was shared with me, we had delivered 3 leads and one of them has turned into a weekly residual junk removal contract netting him $600 monthly. Looks like Richard will be “playing with house money” moving forward and building on the initial success. Loving it!

We also recently started working with Smith & Sons and the owner, Lance. He initially enrolled to receive demolition leads and quickly added additional categories to his account. He just reported an off-the-charts appointment set number. They have already set 23 appointments and as he put it, are “set to make a small fortune”. I can’t wait to hear the final numbers as I am sure they will be staggering.

Big shoutout to Jon over at Golden Key Contracting! Jon also joined conXpros in August and it would be hard to top his results. It was shared that Jon closed the first 2 projects we sent his way with a combined total of $7,800 in new client revenue.
As I said, August has been scorching hot, especially for so many of our newest clients.

I also wanted to take the time to acknowledge and share the tremendous success that John Anthony with Leaf Pro Gutter Protection has experienced. John and his team have reported some phenomenal metrics and numbers from the time they started with us in March 2022 through the end of July 2022. These numbers speak for themselves; 87% demo rate from the 131 appointments set from the leads delivered, 68% closing rate with an average sale of $4,410, and total revenue generated from conXpros of $293,063. The man knows his numbers and clearly knows how to achieve them. You’re the man John!

Like every month, I am blown away by the stories of success and achievement shared by our amazing clients. Kudos all around to those that make this happen; our clients and their teams, the dedicated account managers delivering an exceptional experience to their clients, and the entire team at conXpros.

We have a lot to celebrate this Labor Day. Thank you to everyone that allows us to be a part of your success and your companies.

Thank you,

Ari Greenbaum

CEO & Founder, conXpros LLC

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Episode 9: Delivering Estimates That Win & Closing The Deal

Episode 9 of The X Factor: A Home Pros Sales Podcast is now available to stream!

In this episode, Ari Greenbaum interviews Larry Lichterman, owner of 10 Year Paint in Southern California to talk about how you can deliver estimates that win and the processes you can use to secure a deal whether it’s on the first visit or follow-up visits.

Stream it now!

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Customer testimonials August Newsletter

“I have been working with conXpros for just about a year and am pleased with the way they do business. The high level of honesty and integrity is refreshing from a lead generation company. They sold me on a great customer experience and have delivered thus far.”

– Phil Bowman

See how conXpros has helped others with their home improvement business!

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