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November Newsletter – What’s New at conXpros

November 7, 2022

conXpros November Newsletter

November means the fall season is in full swing and Thanksgiving is around the corner. This is one of my favorite times of the year for many reasons, but most importantly, a reminder to be grateful and give thanks to those that make our lives special. This is the month that no lead-in is required to share and celebrate the success of our awesome clients, as in my opinion, the best thanks are sharing and celebrating together. Before I get to the highlighted success stories from the last month, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for all of our clients that allow conXpros the opportunity to work with and help your business grow. Thank you all! 

I wanted to highlight a true superstar we work with, Devin with DuBois Property Maintenance. Devin truly kills it and recently shared that he is bringing in over $20,000 weekly in new client revenue from the leads he receives from conXpros. He shared that he closes an awesomely high rate of the opportunities he receives. I asked Devin to join me on our latest episode of The X Factor to share what he does to achieve such phenomenal results. Tune in, drink it up, and reap the rewards! Thank you, Devin!

Daniel with Emerson Paints recently re-established an account with conXpros. He was not initially happy with the results and wanted to test other avenues. Fortunately, Daniel gave us another opportunity to work with him and Emerson Paints. We got it right and so did Daniel.  Since rejoining us on September 6th, he has paid for 10 leads in his first 30 days back. Out of those 10, he has closed 3 projects for over $16,000. Needless to say, he is super happy with our service and we appreciate the chance to work with you again. Thank you, Daniel!

A story of mutual gratitude from Dylan with DMU Painting. Dylan started with conXpros back in 2021 & he closed the first painting lead we sent him for over $20,000. From what he shares, it changed his entire business – he was able to hire a crew and really grow! He started doing commercial work a few months, so he had his account with us paused until last month. Since he has been back active, he is already off to a great start, closing deals for another $20,000 (this time the 20k was made up of four jobs, not just one though). Dylan shared with his account manager, Rachel, how thankful he is that he gave us a shot (he was quite skeptical at the start) because our company changed his life! Thank you Dylan for giving us a chance & allowing us to have that impact on you and your life. You rock!

One of our newer clients, Joey at Lakeview Hardscape Designs, LLC is off to a smoking start. They joined conXpros in the first week of October, and from their first 4 leads delivered have already closed their first job for $8,000 they have sent out two other bids, one for just under $7,000 and the other for over $20,000!!! Joey, the owner of Lakeview shared, “You guys are great, and I really appreciate your persistence in calling to check in with me, it means a lot… I am going to quit using Home Advisor and only use conXpros moving forward!” Our goal is not to take business away from anyone else, but we truly appreciate the level of gratitude shared by Joey. We share the same appreciation for the chance to be a part of your company and to help you achieve success. Thank you, Joey!

The last success I wanted to highlight is Brad with G2G Tree Service, LLC. Since starting with us in June of this year, Brad has shared some of the projects they have won, and there are too many to name. However, he recently shared that he has focused his lead generation dollars solely on conXpros. He was able to make that change when he realized he is generating between $3,000-$4,000 weekly from leads won from conXpros since starting with our services. He wanted to share his appreciation for the relationship and that we have become his “bread & butter”. Thank you for that awesome feedback! We appreciate you and the opportunity to work with G2G Tree Service. Thank you!

Take the opportunity to recognize who and what you are thankful for. No need to wait for a feast to be put in front of us, rather practice gratitude as often as possible. Thank you again and wishing everyone an amazing Thanksgiving and holiday season. I appreciate every one of you.

Ari Greenbaum

CEO & Founder, conXpros LLC

conXpros Podcast Episode 11

Episode 11: Building Rapport & Connecting with the Customer

Episode 11 of The X Factor: A Home Pros Sales Podcast is now available to stream!

In this episode, Ari Greenbaum interviews Devin Davis, owner of DuBois Property Maintenance. They discuss how you can build a relationship with your customer to create trust and grow your business!

Stream it now!

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Customer testimonials August Newsletter

“They give us exclusive leads— not a lead whereas 4-5 guys before you have called. They also have a dedicated call center to verify all the leads. They also gave me a dedicated account representative that takes all my calls and knows my first name. Thanks guys for all the support!”

Steve Cotton

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