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April 2023 Newsletter – What’s New at conXpros

April 5, 2023

Down here in the South, we have the saying for the fall season “happy Fall y’all”. Not sure if there is one of those for the Spring season, so I am going to go out on a limb and make one up based on what we have seen here at conXpros since the start of the new season…”Spring is the thing!” (queue the eye-rolls and thoughts that this guy is really corny). 

All fun and corniness aside, the Spring has been THE THING for so many of our awesome clients and especially in what has been shared with us from a large number of new conXpros partners. For those not already aware, we LOVE celebrating the success of our clients, both with them directly as well as a team (we love helping and knowing we are making a difference). Our account managers are at the core of this celebratory culture. They are regularly sending company-wide emails that share the specific wins and successes they learn about from the clients they work directly with. 

As opposed to what I regularly do and share the details in my own words, I have chosen to copy and paste the messages from the account managers directly here in the newsletter. Often the account managers say it best and typically better than I can try to recreate. In this newsletter, I will keep with the Spring theme (new growth and rebirth) and only share success stories that relate to clients that have joined conXpros within the last few weeks. Some of these results are astonishing and deserve a standing ovation, see for yourself…

“Just spoke to Brain with Professional Building Maintenance. This guy is killing it with our water damage leads. Has received 6 leads, paid for 5, and closed all 5. Has made over $15,000 with our service and spent $1,500. He wants to know what he can do to get more! Great job team!!!”

“Happy Monday everyone! I figured I would start the week off by sharing the success of a new client, Texan Landscape Group! Chris, the owner of the company, is taking on landscaping leads from us. Out of the leads we sent him, he landed two jobs for a little over $19k!

Great job everyone, let’s continue helping as many people as we can!”

“Just wanted to quickly highlight a freshly new account: Tri-County Tree Service! The owner of the company, Jack, is only 23 but he’s already making great money in his 3rd year of business. Since signing with us on 2/27, he’s closed 3 jobs! That’s about 50% of the leads he’s paid for so far! In total, he’s done a little over $4,000 in closed deals!”

“HAPPY FRIDAY!! I wanted to send out a quick update on IES Interior and Exterior Solutions, an account that Muhammad signed up for roughly two weeks ago. I just spoke with Carlos, the owner of the company and he was so excited!! So far he has landed a little over $40k worth of work off of the leads we sent, and he has some more appts booked! We just added 4 more categories to the account and he is ready to go full force! Great job everyone!!”

“Hey Team, Happy Friday! Just wanted to highlight Living Waters Pools and Spas signed up by Eric. He is super happy with our service and closed 4 jobs already! He referred 2 of his friends who have both also signed up. We love to see it! Great job all around!”

“Hey Team, Happy Monday! I hope you’re off to a great week! I just wanted to give you guys an update on Professional Projects LLC. Dominik started off with a REALLY bad taste in his mouth. After we discussed the account, made adjustments to better fit him, and covered realistic expectations, Dominik decided to give us another shot. After speaking today, Dominik was happy to tell me that he’s gotten about 10 jobs from us! That’s a major shift from the last time we spoke a few weeks ago. Have a great week!”

“Hi there everyone! I wanted to send out two brief success stories from accounts that I spoke with today!

Greenway Tree Service signed up with us on March 14th, and they have already closed one job for $2,500 they have 3 quotes they are working still, on and 2 more appointments scheduled for this weekend!! They are extremely happy with their $600 investment in our service!

Imaginative Property Buying Solutions signed up with our service yesterday, but he had actually worked with us in the past and had amazing feedback to share with me today. He signed up with a minimal budget last year, enough money for 3 remodel leads – out of those three leads he closed two jobs, and got a referral for 6 additional jobs from one of those homeowners!! I did not get exact numbers on how much he made, but he said that the $600 he invested into our service turned into a total of 8 remodel jobs!!

Great job everyone, Let’s continue helping as many people as we can!!”

I have shared in the past how we love what we do and the people’s lives we positively impact here at conXpros. I am confident that anyone reading this newsletter can understand why. What an amazing group of clients we are lucky enough to work with and an incredible team to help clients reach goals and success. 

Thank you to all that make that possible and I look forward to sharing & celebrating many more successes together in the coming months.

Ari Greenbaum

CEO & Founder, conXpros LLC

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Customer testimonials August Newsletter

“I have only been with conXpros for a short time. The customer service is impeccable— they call you right back. If there is an issue with a lead it takes about 6-24 hours to get your credit back. No issues at all. It’s exactly what they said it would be.”

– Brian Cramer

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