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March 2023 Newsletter – What’s New at conXpros

March 2, 2023

It feels like yesterday that I was writing the opening for the newsletter to kick off the new year. Time definitely flies when you are having fun. That is exactly what I describe my day-to-day as… FUN! What makes it so awesome is knowing that we have so many fantastic clients that we have the opportunity to work with, help achieve goals, and make a positive difference.

I feel blessed and honored to have such greatness surrounding me and our teams here at conXpros. The fuel that keeps that fun machine going is learning about the different successes that our clients experience and the huge wins that they are proud of. I appreciate those of you that openly share and allow us to celebrate and applaud your success. Here are a few of the awesome successes shared with us in the month of February.

There is no better place to start than a regular highlight in these newsletters, Marc Wermuth with Dewitt Home Services. Marc has shared many wins and his appreciation for the partnership we have. He just recently concluded his reporting for 2022 and shared that he generated over $700,000 in new client revenue directly from the leads he received and closed from our service. You keep doing you Marc, clearly, you know how to WIN!!! We love you and love being able to work with you to achieve such great success together. 

In contrast to Marc, who is a veteran of conXpros, one of the newer clients, David with Remove It Pros shared some immediate success and excitement for their start with the service. Out of the first 3 leads, David has already closed on one demolition project for $1,900 and has estimates on the other 2 opportunities. Clearly, David is ready to rock and we love being a part of that for his company. 

Another newbie to conXpros, Joseph with Nationwide Fence & Deck was eager to share that they closed their first lead for a project totaling over $5,000!!! Not too shabby of a start and your first lead. Not all first leads result in such a win, but we love when it does and the impact it has on a client like Joseph who has had the typical negative experience with some of the other lead generation companies out there. Great job Joseph, keep up the awesome stuff & thank you for the opportunity!

Ken, with The Wildlife Specialist, has found tremendous success in using both our form-fill leads as well as inbound call leads. In fact, he shared that he has maintained a whopping 80% close rate on valid opportunities!!! He got started with us in August 2022, and reported more than $70,000 in new revenue all from wildlife removal!!! Pretty freaking awesome!!! 

The last client story I wanted to share is not one that found immediate success with conXpros. Henry, the owner of Goodfellas Contractual was struggling to hit a stride and was considering the closure of the account since the beginning of mid-December. With the help of his dedicated account manager and, more importantly, a never give up attitude from Henry, he realized the success many other clients experience. With a few minor tweaks, Henry reported a complete 180-degree turnaround from where things were previously. On the most recent call with his account manager, he shared that he just landed a $14,000 job in addition to a few smaller ones he nailed as well. That is what it is all about, helping guys like Henry find the success they deserve in lead gen. Thank you for allowing us to help you get there and start achieving what you wanted from the start.

As always, so many amazing stories to share. Please let your account manager know about your wins. We would love to celebrate your success and share in the joy! As March comes in and the flowers start to bloom, let it be an indicator of what everyone’s business can & should be doing…blossoming.

Ari Greenbaum

CEO & Founder, conXpros LLC

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Customer testimonials August Newsletter

“As a new business, we have been working with conxpros for approximately two months now and I cannot say enough good things about them. The customer service is impeccable. My personal representative is always willing to help and go above and beyond to make sure that quality leads are sent and bad leads are refunded. We have dealt with a few lead processing centers and by far conXpros has produced what they promised.”

– Jeanna Saunders

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