Video: how to manage your home improvement leads like a boss

Posted By Ari Greenbaum, co-founder of conXpros

This is a continuation of a multi-part series on the formula successful contractors use to win with leads from any home improvement lead generation company. The conclusion of the series will be shared next week. I recently recorded a video that highlights one of the critical steps in my formula for success, how to properly approach your leads and maximize your contact rate. In this brief video, I share the overall process, the importance of calling immediately after receiving the lead, continuing to attempt to reach the lead, as well as provide additional clarity of the “why” this approach is essential and works. The process I share and endorse is the product of personal experience successfully running leads combined with dozens of “interviews” and feedback from clients that are rock stars at converting home improvement leads into revenue generating new clients.

A review of “The Recipe”:

  • Speed to lead: If you are not first, you are last!
  • Perfectly Persistent
    • Make the second call within 10-15 minutes of the first call
    • Send an email AND text
    • Rinse & repeat
  • Appointments with Purpose
    • Exude enthusiasm
    • Be knowledgeable & friendly
    • Qualify for quality
    • Never be first!
    • Decision makers: requesting your presence
  • Provide the WHY
  • Measuring up for Success

If you like to think of yourself as a rock star when it comes to contractor leads, I would love the opportunity to “interview” you and hopefully share your success with other pros. There are few greater feelings in the world compared to knowing that you helped another person achieve success. I encourage you to aid me in my mission to spread the knowledge, make people better, and change the way many home improvement contractors feel about lead generation companies.

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