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June 7, 2021

Recorded and written By Ari Greenbaum, co-founder of conXpros

Unlike in the Field of Dreams, where the concept was “if you build it, he will come”, in home improvement and home services, you can build it, but they will NOT come. So many people get into the contracting field with awesome ideas of how to build a business and provide exceptional customer care, and often they succeed in laying the foundations to support this. Regardless of how amazing the business model or plan is, there is no sugar coating the reality…you need to hustle to achieve success. For the purpose of this posting, I will focus on the hustle required to make contact with your leads and other online inquiries as well as ensure a successful first encounter. One of the biggest problems plaguing the contracting world in relation to lead generation is the failure to contact leads expeditiously. Homeowners will not wait for you nor will they call you back with any frequency. You must be proactive to call leads as soon as they are delivered to you. Statistics show that the likelihood of contacting a lead after the first 5 minutes has passed decreases by 72%!! For those that do not currently call their leads immediately, it is like taking every dollar you have and only keeping $.28!! I would say that no one reading this or watching the video would ever accept that proposal with clear consciousness. So why do so many home improvement and home services pros fail to do this simple thing? I wish I had the answers, but I do not. However, I do know that calling your leads immediately WILL have a positive impact on your contact rates and conversions of leads to appointments or deals. Additionally, the old school mentality of “if they are serious they will call me back”, is exactly that… OLD SCHOOL. In today’s world, they will NOT call you back. Why should they with so many viable options available within 2 clicks of a mouse? They want YOU to call THEM. You must be persistent with every lead, period. In this video, I also share some astonishing things that contractors and people I know personally experience out in the field daily; their competitors not even keeping their appointments. This also falls under the general umbrella of communication and conversion of leads to jobs. The majority of your competition are NOT using these tactics. You can either remain in the masses that talk about the ones that got away or were not serious, or you can put yourself into the driver’s seat and be the one that your competition is envious of. Be the guy that wins, not the guy that laments over why they are losing. Follow these simple, yet proven approaches and you will find yourself in the winner’s circle on a regular basis & winning feels good.


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