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May 26, 2020

Written by Ari Greenbaum, co-founder of conXpros

Success with lead generation does not happen by happenstance. Rather, you must have a dedicated process to lead yourself down the path to the rewards lead generation has to offer.

In a previous article, I shared the importance of a “sales script” when presenting your service to a potential client. In that article, I focused on the sales call and the necessity to have a planned process. The word “scripting”, can be a bit misleading. A real sales pro uses the script as a guide to help get them from point A to point B as effectively and efficiently as possible. The goal is not to come across rehearsed or scripted even though you may have practiced the presentation countless times. Sounding rehearsed or scripted will negatively affect the outcome. However, those that use sales scripting as intended, typically are at the top of the success scale as a result of those efforts & preparation.

The goal of this article is to take us back a few steps in the process of managing your home improvement contractor leads and ensure that you have all of the tools necessary to succeed. Often, the first contact made with the person submitting their project request is not given the care and attention it deserves. Remember, without a successfully executed 1st call, the number of opportunities from leads will be limited. Just like the sales script is an essential tool for you when you meet the homeowner, there is equal importance to having a tried & true sales script for the first contact made with the prospective client. The more you can control the outcome of the initial call and do so consistently, your sales volume will be stronger and more consistent. This type of “scripting” should be used whether you are an owner-operator calling the leads yourself or if one of your team is making the initial call.

Creating the script:

I offered the following outline for creating the optimal sales script for a sales presentation in a March 2019 article:

  • Introduction/greeting
  • Discovery/needs assessment
  • Transition
  • Pitch
  • Close

The exact same outline should be used to create the successful script for the initial call.

  • Introduction/greeting-Start with a friendly introduction or greeting that lets the person know exactly who you are, why you are calling and expresses your enthusiasm to be of assistance.
  • Discovery/needs assessment-This should be brief, but it is important to understand the needs of the client. You can determine if this is a project in your wheelhouse (sometimes leads are not categorized perfectly), if the need is urgent, where the project is located, who is part of the creative and financial decision making, and other important information needed to proceed on the best path.
  • Transition-You do not want to abruptly stop the needs assessment and try to get them on a calendar. Rather, create a transition statement to smoothly move to the next step.
  • Pitch-Unlike the sales presentation, this should not focus on specifics of what you do or the solutions you may provide. For the initial call, the “pitch” should help the client understand that you are fully capable & equipped to help them. You can briefly share that you have expertise & experience in this exact type of work to help build confidence.
  • Close-Set the appointment! You do not need to get a commitment of money or a signed contract to accomplish the objective of this call. Closing the deal in this stage is simply setting a solid appointment at a time convenient for all parties while doing your best to not be the first contractor they are meeting with and that all parties will be present to allow the opportunity to close the deal on the first visit.

That sounds easy, so why the need for a script?

That is a fantastic question! You are right, this does sound easy. However, even the most veteran and polished sales pro can only benefit from the security blanket a script offers. It is easy to skip a point or miss a key question. Scripting takes the worry of missing important pieces out of the equation. I have also found that having a script allows me to focus on being better at my delivery and ability to engage a client. When you are less worried or focused on WHAT you want to say, you can better focus on HOW you are delivering it. Confidence is a critical part of sales success. The scripting provides you the vehicle to make sure that your words are confident ones, and more likely to have the desired impact on the receiving party. Additionally, it is next to impossible to have consistency or the benefits of it when we are “winging” it. Consistency allows us to make the minor tweaks or adjustments to our script & approach necessary to improving results. Clearly, there are massive benefits you can enjoy by incorporating a script into your first contact with a potential client, even for the seasoned pro.

Making it happen

Just like anything good in life, mastering the initial contact with a homeowner inquiry from a lead takes work! The first steps to making this a success is to create the script. This will be unique for each company and requires some thought. Once conceptualized, put it in writing. The final step is to PRACTICE it! The only way to get good at something is through practice and repetition. If you are incorporating this for one of your employees, YOU must first practice it, then you can properly teach & coach your team to success. Bottom line, take control of the ENTIRE sales process; from the initial contact through the completion of work & payment. The sooner you implement these concepts (and others I have shared in previous blog articles), the sooner you will experience the success intended for home improvement pros with regards to lead generation. Don’t hope for it to happen…MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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