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The month of June saw record-setting temperatures throughout the country. Those scorching temps have not been isolated to the weather, as conXpros and our valued partners have been on FIRE and basking in the warmth of their success. We celebrate the success of our partners and our team every month with a fun team night out. This last month, we had the treat of watching the new Top Gun: Maverick movie together. Although it is fictional, I love the message of pushing ourselves to the limit and achieving amazing results we never imagined we were capable of.

With that in mind, let’s celebrate some of the many conXpros partners that have pushed their own limits and are reaping the rewards of those efforts. Here are just a few of the multitude of success stories I came across recently to celebrate their success and inspire others with what is possible to achieve:

We work with Samuel who owns and operates multiple All Dry Services throughout the United States. Samuel has always done well, but he recently reported an awesome project that closed for just over $10k and the client added additional services on top of the initial project request.

One of my favorite stories this past month was about Larry with 10 Year Paint. Larry is old school and not as savvy as some with his dashboard. With his patience and the help of his account manager, Larry has been able to convert his initial investment of $720 into over $20,000 of revenue between only 2 projects! Knowing that the team was a part of Larry achieving success is awesome. Great job all around!

Another new client that started with conXpros on June 7th, Rock Solid Tree Service, has had nothing short of rock-solid results. I believe the quote of what he shared with his account manager on the second day of service was “I love you guys already!” Well, it is hard not to feel that way when you take the first two leads delivered, close both projects, and generate $2,900 in revenue. Amazing!

Yohan with Ultra Paint Pros in MA also recently started service with conXpros. Yohan is doing his thing and setting appointments, giving estimates, and closing deals. However, there was one case deal that stood out to me as it took a team effort to get done. Apparently, the homeowner was a bit “odd or off” from what was described and our verification team learned the same when they contacted the homeowner as well. The homeowner was just skeptical and acted on that feeling. Through a reassuring conversation with one of our verification team members, the homeowner decided to hire Yohan and his team for their $7,000 painting project. Teamwork makes the dream work!

The last partner I wanted to highlight this month is one of our long-term partners, ATCO Pest Control. ATCO has been partnered with conXpros for over two years and has always found success with the service provided. A few weeks ago, they put a smile on their account manager and the entire team’s faces when they shared that their goals of 15% growth were smashed and resulted in just over 30% growth! What made it even more fantastic, was the acknowledgment that conXpros is a big part of that success and smashing of goals.

As I shared at the top of this newsletter, it has been scorching hot for our partners and internally here at conXpros. Thank you to all of our partners for the continued opportunity to help positively impact your business and in many cases, your lives.

Let’s keep the heat turned up throughout the summer and beyond and continue to celebrate that success together!

Thank you,

Ari Greenbaum

CEO & Founder, conXpros LLC

team highlight July 2022

Top Gun Maverick, June 2022

Last month, our team had a night out to see Top Gun Maverick in theaters 💥

We had so much fun seeing this action-packed film with our coworkers! We even got to bring along our family members for the fun.

We love being able to bond outside of work! Work hard; play hard. That’s what it’s all about. 🌟

Check out more of our team bonding activities and community outreach events on our website!

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Episode 7: Masterfully Presenting Your Product

Episode 7 of The X Factor: A Home Pros Sales Podcast is now available to stream!

In this episode, Ari Greenbaum interviews Anthony D. Potts, President of Replacement Window Center of Middle TN, as they talk about the steps it takes to master your sales presentation, the different methods you can use, and what you should and shouldn’t do.

Stream it now!

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Proactive vs Reactive Customer Service

Up until now, customer service has almost always been approached reactively. This means that customer service representatives respond to complaints, questions, or concerns as they arise.

With the rise of improving technology, people not only have better access to a larger number of products and services, making for a more competitive marketplace, but they also are more able to leave complaints.

One of the best ways to deal with this situation is to resolve problems before they arise. As the old saying goes, the best offense is a good defense.

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How To Answer These FAQs As A Siding Contractor To Grow Your Client Base

If you’re a siding contractor, you know just how seriously homeowners can take this large of a project. Siding involves the entire exterior of the home, so it’s fair for homeowners to have a number of questions to ease their minds.

In order to ensure the homeowner trusts you, you need to not only know the answers to their questions but also know HOW to answer them.

In our latest blog, we review the top frequently asked questions homeowners have for siding contractors and how you should answer them in order to increase your chances of closing the deal.

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– Stephen Petrie, Craftsmen Contractors

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