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How To Answer These FAQs As A Siding Contractor To Grow Your Client Base

June 14, 2022

If you’re a siding contractor, you know just how seriously homeowners can take this large of a project. Siding involves the entire exterior of the home, so it’s fair for homeowners to have a number of questions to ease their minds. 

With such a large project comes a big pair of shoes to fill. Like we’ve said time and time again, the number one reason a homeowner will choose you over your competition is trust. It doesn’t matter who has the lower prices or best offers; if they don’t trust you, you can say goodbye to closing the deal. 

In order to ensure the homeowner trusts you, you need to not only know the answers to their questions but also know HOW to answer them.

 In this blog, we will review the top frequently asked questions homeowners have for siding contractors and how you should answer them in order to increase your chances of closing the deal.

  • Why should I re-side my home?

Homeowners always want to know the “why.” Without it, they can’t justify the reasoning behind taking on such a large project and spending a large amount of money. 

During your initial meeting with your homeowner, you should make it a priority to get a good read on what is important to them. Think of the benefits of siding your home and tailor them to the needs of your homeowner. For instance, if they have children, safety is probably an important factor. Talk about how siding guards your home against pests, water, fire, and other damage. 

Maybe they are more into the looks; if so, you will hit on the point of how installing siding improves curb appeal,  giving old homes a completely new look while also significantly reducing the cost of home upkeep.

The key to answering this question is providing the homeowner with the reasons they care about the most. 


  • How can I tell if my current siding needs to be replaced?

As the siding professional, homeowners will look to you for expertise. Although, that may not always be the case. There will be times when you come across a homeowner who may think they know more. It’s up to you to gain their trust and help them understand that you only have their best interest in mind. 

More times than not, homeowners will think you are trying to trick them out of their money. Remember, you can’t please everyone. Before answering the question make sure you are absolutely sure about the answer. 

Speak generally about the common signs that siding needs to be replaced, such as fading, chalking, separation at the seams, and warping. From there, make it apparent that you can’t give a definitive answer until you’ve inspected the home yourself. 


  • What’s the best siding for my home?

It’s common that a homeowner will ask you what’s best for them. Even if it is a question, like this one, that is ultimately a personal preference and budget-based. Two things you should be aware of if you have already had that initial discussion with them. 

For the homeowner to trust you as a siding contractor, they need to know that you have been actively listening to their needs and concerns. Truly understanding their need, budget, and lifestyle can help you support them in making the best decision for their home.


  • Why should I choose you for my siding project?

This is your time to brag! Don’t come off as a know-it-all, but instead share your expertise with the homeowner by showcasing testimonials, case studies of similar projects that were successful, and a detailed look into your process.

Homeowners love transparency and confidence and even though they may not understand every part of your process, they appreciate being in the know. 

This is also a time to tailor your accomplishments and experiences to the things that you have learned about them. This will show that you are attentive and knowledgeable about their needs and what they are expecting to get accomplished.

 Show that you can do the job and that you have the documents to show for it. 


Siding contractors understand the concerns that homeowners have. Especially when it comes to such a large part of their home. In order to close a deal, you must learn the needs of the homeowner and tailor your answers accordingly.

Just having the knowledge in your field won’t cut it. The homeowner is looking for more than that. They want you to project trustworthiness, experience, and confidence through every conversation you have with them. The pressure is on; so make sure you’re following these tips on HOW to answer these FAQs in order to close more deals. 

For more home improvement sales tips, check out our Sales Tip Center. And if you’re looking for siding leads, check out this page to learn how conXpros can help!


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