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conXpros February Newsletter

February Newsletter – What’s New at conXpros

February 2, 2022

Wow! 2022 is off to a fantastic start for our clients and here at conXpros. It may be cold outside, but it is sizzling in here! As has become the norm, I will start by sharing some of the amazing results and wins that clients have shared with us over the last few weeks. As per usual, I did not have to scramble to find these. Rather it was more of a challenge selecting which amazing experiences to highlight this month. 

I had shared in the December 2021 newsletter the success one of our newer clients, Tiger Roofing NW & Exteriors, was experiencing. I recently just learned that the project that initially was slated to bring $60K in new revenue, expanded the project and is now valued at over $120K. They did not stop there with the amazing news. These guys are absolute BEASTS and shared that a deck replacement lead turned into a $58K project. Just WOW (I think you can tell that I am impressed)!!! 

Tiger Roofing NW & Exteriors is a tough act to follow, but they were not alone in securing great jobs and new clients through conXpros. Roman with Top Notch Water Clean Up LLC shared that he just nailed a $37K restoration project. They are not a large company & wins like this are game-changing for their business. 

The next one is a bit of a different type of win, but one we celebrate just like the others. Tom with Northstar Construction got off to a rocky start working with us. Results were less than ideal. Through the work he did with his account manager, they have seen a complete 180 and are not only closing (very profitable) jobs, they love that we did exactly what we said we would do even if it took time to get there. 

Another client I highlighted previously is still out there killing it. Pernell with PC Concrete Construction & Demolition has already won over $54K in the month of January and has another $50K on the table between a few prospective clients. This guy is a rock star! 

To all of our clients: keep up the awesome work! More importantly, keep sharing your wins with us. We love nothing more than to celebrate our client’s success together with them. 

As you may already be aware, conXpros is vested in regular community outreach programs and activities. Stay tuned for updates about the drive we are doing to collect personal care and hygiene items for those in need here in Atlanta. We had a similar event last year and it was a huge success. 

We also have a full calendar of future outreach events planned for the remainder of the year. I can’t encourage you enough to incorporate giving to others as a standard part of your businesses and lives. This world can use all the kindness and care it can get. There is no better way to show gratitude for all of our personal blessings than to give to others in need. 

Let’s continue to make 2022 a year filled with success and wins, and keep celebrating them together. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your companies and more importantly be a part of your success.

Ari Greenbaum

CEO & Founder, conXpros LLC

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“I have been working with ConX for just about a year and am pleased with the way they do business. The high level of honesty and integrity is refreshing from a lead generation company. They sold me on a great customer experience and have delivered thus far.”

-Phil Bowman

See how conXpros has helped others with their home improvement business! 

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