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7 Ways Home Improvement Pros Can Get Higher Quality Leads

December 20, 2021

If you’re a home improvement pro, you know just how hard it can be to find leads, and how much harder it can be to find high-quality leads. The million-dollar question is: how do you find the right clients without squandering your budget and going crazy in the process? Our answer: work smarter, not harder.

Here are 7 ways home improvement pros can get higher quality leads:

1. Find a lead generation company you can trust

Not all lead generation companies are created equally. If you’re going to be investing in lead generation, make sure you’re vetting your chosen lead source for the following factors. A good lead generation service will:

  • Offer exclusive leads
  • Have excellent customer service
  • Not charge start-up fees or make you sign contracts
  • Phone verify leads
  • Have a lead credit policy that benefits you, not them

At conXpros, we deliver an exceptional customer experience to home improvement contractors by developing strong relationships, offering exclusive leads, and providing quality opportunities through online lead generation. Check out our process and our game-changing lead credit policy

2. Don’t be afraid to get specific

If your home improvement company specializes in certain services— don’t be afraid to get specific! Instead of casting a wide net to drag in more leads, think of lead generation as a careful mining process. You don’t want to collect buckets of coal; you want to find diamonds in the rough. You can attract higher-quality prospects by advertising your specific services and branding yourself as the cornerstone business for a specific niche in your market. If there’s a certain type of work you prefer to do or are better at, say it! Don’t be afraid to alienate the wrong kinds of customers and draw attention to the right ones that are a better match for your company’s offering and skillset. 

3. Use targeted ads

Once you know how you want to brand your services and get your messaging down, you can begin leveraging targeted ad campaigns. We recommend using Google Ads— it’s a great way to get homeowners who are already “searching” for you to uncover your services.  If your home improvement business specializes in a certain kind of roof repair or home remodeling, you can set up your Google Ads to target keywords that align with your services in the specific area you’re located in.  If you’re tired of getting leads that are too far away—you can even restrict your ads from certain zip codes if you want to stay local or branch out regionally. 

4. Optimize, optimize, optimize

When people search for you— are the right results coming up? Be sure to optimize your online presence so that your website and Google listing accurately reflect your services. Depending on what search terms match your company offering best, ensure that your website and Google listings use the terms. Pro tip: Use Google my Business to manage how your business shows up online! Remember, people often search companies “near them,” so if leads are local to you, make sure they can find you.

5. Automate your sales process

If you already have a list of leads or past customers you’ve already had success with, use them in your marketing efforts! You can automate your email marketing process using services like Mailchimp or Constant Contact to always stay top of mind with your client base. Old business can become new business with the right tactics!

6. Ask your current clients for referrals

Proud of the work you do and have happy clients? Ask them to refer you! Word of mouth is a much more powerful form of advertising that doesn’t cost you any money.  If your home improvement company has a stellar reputation, don’t refrain from asking your customers to refer you. You can even incentivize your customers to refer you by offering special promotions, credit, discounts, or thank you gifts in return for their recommendations. 

7. Prequalify your leads before working with them

Want higher-quality leads? Find out if they’re high quality with the right questions! Not every lead that comes your way will be worth the time and energy. We recommend that you vet your leads by asking a few questions, like:

  • What is your vision for this project? Asking your lead to describe the project gives you a look into their personality, as well as confirms whether or not your services are a good match.
  • What is your budget? Plain and simple, this lets you know if a lead matches your scope of services as well as your payment requirements.
  • When do you want this project done? This gauges whether or not your lead has realistic expectations on the timeline of your services.
  • Have you researched this project? A well-informed lead is more likely to provide clear direction, understand the roadblocks, and understand your input on the project.
  • What are your expected results? Again, are you a good match for them and vice versa? 

All in all, finding higher quality leads often just comes down to getting specific with your process. If you follow a few of these tips, we trust you’ll have more success getting better leads and growing your business. 

If you’re interested in more lead generation tips, visit our free Sales Tip Center for helpful guides, webinars, and videos.

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