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Winter Sales Tips Graphic

Winter Sales Tips: How Home Improvement Pros Can Use The Winter To Get More Leads

November 11, 2022

In need of some winter sales tips? If you have a home improvement business, you know that the winter months can be a slow time for business.  You and your sales team often need to find new ways to keep the business afloat when most people aren’t thinking about home improvement!

Most home improvement businesses tend to have a slower season in the wintertime. There are many possible solutions for helping your business stay afloat and grow during this time.

Instead of accepting the slower amount of business, there are a few winter sales tips you have to create new streams of income or keep things busy. We’ve listed a few below, let’s take a look: 


Winter Sales Tips Graphic

1. Warm up cold leads

What better time than WINTER to start defrosting your cold leads? With slower business, you can use more of your time to re-engage and remarket your dead leads. The wintertime is an excellent time to start calling and emailing your old leads to see if they have a need for any work or possibly offer you a referral. If you have been properly using a CRM, you should have a sizable list of contacts that you can re-engage during the slow season. If not to attempt getting new business, simply try to stay top of mind with them or inform them about newer services and company updates! Warming up your cold leads is one of the most reliable winter sales tips around.


2. Seasonal promotion

While the wintertime is slow for business, it’s HOT for seasonal marketing. The winter is a festive season when people are thinking about new ways to give their loved ones meaningful gifts for the holidays. This is an excellent opportunity to use holiday language in your marketing! You’ll likely have more contractor availability, so you can offer promotional discounts for the holidays. Plus, you can always leverage the benefits of performing home improvement work during the winter: more availability = a more personalized home improvement experience! It’s a great opportunity for your business to really leverage its customer satisfaction skills.


3. Be more diligent

It goes without saying— but with fewer leads comes greater responsibility. Unlike the busier months, your home improvement company will need to exercise EXTRA diligence with contacting and following up with leads. It’s one of the winter sales tips you can NOT ignore. Be sure to implement internal reminders and practices that keep you and your sales team on your A-game. Modify your sales and follow-up style to be more aggressive!


4. Focus on marketing and organic outreach

Less work does not mean you should not market your business in other ways. If you find you and your sales team have more time— use that time as an opportunity to improve your marketing and organic outreach efforts. Experiment with posting more on social media and expanding your influence online! If you’re getting fewer leads in the winter, it doesn’t mean you can’t prime your business for success when the warmer season returns. Social media is free advertising, so utilize it! 


5. Expand your service offering

Fewer jobs? It’s time to think out of the box. Consider offering newer/different services during the holiday season to push business along. For example, some contractors offer to hang Christmas lights! Brainstorm and find new ways you can leverage your home improvement skills for the holiday season or fill a need during the colder months— you won’t regret trying out this winter sales tip


The winter is tough, but it’s important that you and your sales team innovate new ways and take action to combat the struggles. Using some of our winter sales tips should help your company get through the slow season and get ready for when the busy season makes a comeback! 

We hope you found some of these winter sales tips helpful! For more home improvement sales tips, check out our Sales Tip Center.  conXpros can also help your tree maintenance business generate more leads with our trusted lead generation system. Learn more about our lawn maintenance leads here and get started with us today!


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