Video: How to adapt and thrive as a home improvement pro during the covid-19 pandemic

Posted By Ari Greenbaum, co-founder of conXpros

As a Home Improvement contractor, are you just trying to survive, or are you THRIVING? With the Covid-19 pandemic changing the world we live in, we are faced with 2 choices: survive by until it is over and hope we can get by until that time, or adapt to the constantly changing world and use the tools available to us to persevere and thrive. As the type of person that prefers the “glass half-full” mentality, I felt it would be helpful to share some idea of what many of our clients are doing to adapt and succeed in these challenging times. Whether you use home improvement lead generation companies as a source of new business or you use other methods of customer acquisition, the ideas shared on this video are universal to everyone.

In the video I reference many tools available to everyone & most of them offer free or cost effective plans. Here is a list of links to some of the options out there:

Video communication: Zoom (, Amazon Chime (, Google Hangouts (

Video upload specific to home improvement: BestQuote (

Electronic document sharing & signing: DocHub (, DocuSign (, Adobe Sign (

There are many other options available in addition to the ones listed here. Fortunately we live in a time that allows information to be available within a few clicks of a mouse. Whether directly in front of a client or not, we can still educate the homeowners, provide value, and direct potential clients to read what others say about your business (social proof). Remove the hurdles that theoretically stand in the way of your success. By adapting and finding alternative ways to help homeowners in these unprecedented times, you will position yourself and your company to thrive both in the short as well as the long term.

If you are capable and permitted to go to the client’s home, show them that you take the necessary precautions to protect their family as well as yourself. Wear protective gear and wash/sanitize after leaving. Homeowners need your services and will be grateful to those that provide it in the face of adversity. We had many heroes after the 9/11 attacks on our great country such as the first-responders we still pay tribute to. In my opinion, when we look back on this period in history, the ones we will honor as the true heroes of the covid-19 pandemic are the many people that did everything possible to maintain life as we have become so accustomed to living. Whether it is the grocers, pharmacists, doctors, or home improvement pros, we will all look back and be grateful for the ones that went above and beyond to service fellow human beings. Let’s pray that this pandemic is over soon and that as many people as possible remain healthy and live long and meaningful lives. Stay safe and healthy!

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