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August 6, 2019

Written by Ari Greenbaum, co-founder of conXpros

Since the first month we opened our office, we implemented a community outreach program focused on giving of our time and/or monies to organizations and people less fortunate than ourselves. Of course, there is the altruistic aspect of this action, but I also push our staff to be as involved as possible for another important reason; to get in the habit of GIVING. This past weekend we had our most recent event, a back to school supply drive and distribution. Many on our sales team saw it as a nice opportunity to give to those in need and help put smiles on some faces, but what they did not know is the valuable trait it was instilling in them directly related to their success in sales. What they were not all aware of is that the same selfless act of giving is exactly what often is missing in their selling process, therefore impacting the results of their daily efforts. They all know and believe in what we offer as a company. They all feel that our service will help contractors improve their own business. They all work to operate with integrity and a passion for an exceptional customer experience.

Unfortunately, more often than I would like, they also are focused on themselves and not 100% on what they can GIVE to the person they are speaking with.

Sales is not getting to the close. It’s not about your quota. It’s not about making bonus. It’s not about being number one on the leaderboard. It’s not about metrics and closing rates. It’s not about getting the deal.

Sales is about GIVING your buyers, prospects, and customers a way to get to a better place tomorrow than they are today. Sales is about GIVING real value. If you’re viewing sales from what you get and not what you give, you’re not selling!

Chances are, you are missing opportunities, not because you are going out of your way to give value first, but because you need to make sales. In other words, you’re trying to get something from the prospects you are calling on. I guarantee you that your prospects know it. No one wants to buy from a salesperson who needs a sale, or is out to get a sale!

When you shift your mindset to one of GIVING, you are 100% focused on what you can bring to your prospect. They want to buy from people who show value and give value first, because that means THEY are the ones who end up getting more value in the end! Rarely will a prospect not turn into a buyer when they feel they are receiving tremendous value. Shift your focus from your needs and zero in on what the prospect needs.

I shared this concept with my sales team on the next working day following our company outreach event. The results on that day were tremendous. The positive
energies filling the sales floor was awesome to be a part of. It is my responsibility to keep reminding the team of this powerful mindset and the impact it has. It is your responsibility to teach and remind your team, or learn and remind yourself. Keep giving, keep getting (results).


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