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March 29, 2021

Written by Ari Greenbaum, co-founder of conXpros

If you are scratching your head, wondering why I would write another article that focuses on the importance of and the impact SM$ Text Messaging will have on your business, you will soon understand. The home improvement and home services businesses are highly competitive industries. When there are proven tools that will put you at the top of the heap, you would have to be a fool to ignore them. SM$ is that tool & I am sure you are no different than other contractors who prefer to use the tool than be a fool. defines a “fool” as the following: (noun) a silly or stupid person; a person who lacks judgment or sense. I am confident that no one reading this article WANTS to be the fool or defined as someone lacking sense. If you have not already incorporated an automated text application into your process to contact and communicate with potential clients, what are you waiting for? For those clients of conXpros, who are getting a taste of Connect for our leads (a standard feature of our exclusive lead service), have you already expanded to include this (or similar) with your other lead sources? For those already utilizing the powerful tool of automated SM$ Text Messaging through a service or software such as ClientTether or Connect, CONGRATULATIONS!! You likely will conclude this article with an ear-to-ear grin on your face and a proud feeling in your heart, knowing that you are already making boss-like moves and confirm your excellent decision.

So, why another article pushing you to incorporate SM$ Text Messaging? In mid-February we launched our partnership with Connect. With this move we moved from a manual texting process, which was extremely time consuming, requires attention to detail, and regular updating and responding. We used this approach to benefit our clients for 2 years before we entered the partnership that would allow for automated and sequential messaging to every lead for every client. As I have shared in previous articles, text messaging on its own is an immensely powerful and necessary tool in the modern world. I have shared statistics and general numbers that were impressive in their own right. I have also shared success stories and evidence to reinforce the power of having SM$ Texting in your toolbox. However, no external data or research could have proven the positive impact automation and sequential texting would have on a business, like using it firsthand.

There is no typo in the title or throughout this article. I intended to write SM$ instead of SMS to further emphasize the impact texting will have on any home improvement or home service business. YOU WILL MAKE MORE $$$. I rarely have met a business owner that is going to shy away from simple & cost-effective ways to drive more revenue and grow their business. I wanted to share some astonishing and eye-popping numbers with you. The following metrics and statistic are the results of comparing February 1-14 to February 15-28 for all clients in the conXpros system. To clarify, our OLD process was to send 2 text messages manually. The first was sent a few hours after the lead was submitted and delivered to our client. When there was a response from the homeowner, we would manually text back in an effort to convert the lead into an appointment for our client. Compare this with the new process we offer through Connect; a sequence of 4 text messages the start at the same time the lead is submitted and delivered to the client with intelligent auto responses based on the actions of the homeowner. Additionally, the client would engage with the homeowner after the initial response as opposed to us doing it on the client’s behalf. There were 3 metrics that were off the chart fantastic when comparing the new approach to the old:

  • We experienced a 64.7% increase in positive responses/engagements from homeowners.
  • Home Service companies discovered an increase of 37.9% in bookings and/or appointments created through the SMS Text Messaging platform.
  • Home improvement companies benefitted from an increase of 22.2% in appointments set through the SMS Text Messaging platform.

Numbers and statistics do not lie. There is no arguing with success and results. We all live and look to thrive in the world that 2021 has to offer. Unless you are incorporating simple tools that ensure you maximize your results, you are a fool. Of course we would love to celebrate in this success wit you as a client of conXpros, but the ultimate goal is to influence more home improvement and home services pros to take the steps that the top pros are already doing. Whether you use conXpros or any lead generation service, you MUST incorporate automated SM$ Text messaging into your tool box. We cannot control everything that impacts our level of success, but when there are easy, cost effective, and available tools that allow us to control our results and growth, grab it with both hands and enjoy the ride. Go turn SMS into SM$ for your company. What are you waiting for?


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