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December 21, 2018

Written By Ari Greenbaum, co-founder of conXpros

The New year is upon us and there is no better time to set goals, make resolutions and prepare to put them into action. Often in business we primarily focus our goal setting and planning on numbers; sales volume, revenue, margin, profit, etc. Why not take a note from the non-business side of life where we commonly set goals around personal growth and accomplishments? Funny thing is, by incorporating some of the types of goals and resolutions we make in personal life into our business, tremendous success is the result.

Here are a few ideas and focus areas that will help you and your company soar to new heights:

  1. Go above and beyond

Make a resolution to provide the absolute best customer service possible (if you already do this, there is always room to be even better). It’s an excellent way to remain on their radar so they think of you for their next project and on their mind when neighbors and friends are asking for referrals. Some ideas and focus areas to consider:

  • Initial contact and sales/bidding process: Are your representatives truly representative of the values your company wants to embody and are they physically presented in a uniform and professional manor? Are you providing professional, branded and clear proposals? Are you/reps listening to the customer to understand and meet their specific needs? Are you/reps educating the customers? Are there initial appointment reminder emails and/or calls?
  • Follow-up/post bidding: Do you have a set process to follow up and help the customer in their understanding and decision making? Are you only making “sales” calls, or are you also showing care for the client?
  • During and after the completion of the project: Are you doing quality control activities? Are you making the feedback of the client important with satisfaction surveys? Do you follow up weeks after to make sure the client is happy? Are you adding a personal touch to make sure the client knows you appreciate them? Are you staying in touch with periodic calls and companynewsletters?

Going above and beyond to provide the best customer experience possible will pay for itself in the long run. New business is regularly generated because of past and current customers.

  1. 2. Improve your online presence

Having a website that is updated, clear, and easy to navigate is a critical tool for any contractor today. In today’s world home owners rely on them to answer their questions, foster trust, and help develop lasting client relationships. Your website should be one of the most effective sales tools for your business. Having a website alone, jest doesn’t cut it any longer. Creating a branded presence on multiple formats is incredibly valuable and effective. Whether Facebook, Instagram, or other social media outlets, no rock should be left unturned. Having this presence helps build trust and sends the message that you are the type of company home owners will feel confident in hiring for their projects. Additionally, unlike in the past where many people only used traditional search, today these social media platforms are often the initial outlet people explore to meet their needs. Showing off your exceptional work, team members, and company activities that promote your values are easy through social media and all help home owners get to know you, your company and what you are all about.

  1. 3. Social proof…. It works

To the vast majority of home owners and consumers, social proof factors heavily on who or what we choose to spend our hard-earned dollars on. Are you building your online reviews? Do you encourage and possibly incentivize your customers to take the time to share their experiences with your company? If you do not ask your customers to write reviews, they typically will not do it. Unfortunately, when someone has a bad experience, they are quick to take to the web to let everyone know about it. Getting people to share their positive experiences takes great effort and commitment. The good new is it costs little to nothing to ask and encourage reviews, yet the rewards are impossible to calculate. If you are already getting reviews on your Google or Facebook page, are you interactive with the customers? Many people who read reviews pay attention to the response (or lack thereof) from the company. Set a goal to respond to every review, positive or negative. Show gratitude to those customers who took the time to share their positive experiences and show care to make things right for those that were not so positive.

  1. 4. Work/life balance

If you are anything like 99% of business owners (especially home improvement pros), you work incredibly hard. Often you are up before the sun and get home long after it is gone, it’s non-stop for you. You probably can count the number of family dinners in a month on one hand and would be hard pressed to remember the last time you took some time off (real time off, where you are completely focused on the business of family not contracting). Reserving some time for yourself is healthy and will only boost your overall productivity. Make a resolution to spend more time with your family. Or to enjoy more quality time with your significant other and kids by being home for dinner more frequently (at the same time they eat). Resolve and plan to take a family vacation that does not include checking in on business as the primary activity. Plan a fishing or hunting expedition with or without any companions. There are plenty of ways to enjoy life away from the job and recharge your batteries. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be better for it when you return your focus to your business.

From all of us at conXpros, we wish you a 2019 overflowing with peace, joy, health and success!!!


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