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MARCH Newsletter – What’s New at conXpros

March 11, 2022

Hey there!

With Spring fast approaching, my hopes are that all of your businesses are blossoming like the flowering trees starting to appear here in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Spring is often when many home improvement pros see increased business from the change in seasons. However, as I was enjoying some of the recent Winter Olympics, I was reminded of the simple but proven formula to achieve goals and dreams…HARD WORK!

Those athletes, regardless of winning a medal or not, all achieved their dreams and goals by competing in such a stage with the best in the world. I guarantee you that not a single one of them got there without putting in the endless hours, sweat, tears, and energies to make it happen. I share this as a reminder to all of us that the path to success starts and ends with hard work & effort. We get out what we put in.

As has been the trend, I wanted to share some of the success stories I have learned about from our awesome clients. I can confidently say these successes did not happen by accident; rather they were the result of the efforts of the pro that made the deals happen.

In a recent conversation with their account manager Trent of M&M Site Development, who has been a client since April 2021, shared that his team LOVES going out on appointments from conXpros leads and his team closes them due to this higher confidence level at a huge difference from other lead providers. In fact, they shared that we took over their top spot, ahead of other lead services that they have had long relationships with (over 5 years). I know I typically share deals reported, but I also love knowing that we are impacting our partners in many positive ways—not just the big juicy projects.

Tim with EZ Pro Services recently shared that they are at a 90% closing rate so far in 2022 with conXpros! Tim is on his way to the hall of fame status with those huge results from his hard work and dedication. The feedback from Decks, Bathrooms and Painting LLC, a company that started working with us at the end of November 2021, is inspiring and a clear result of hard work all around. They were not having the success they were seeking at the start of their relationship with conXpros. However, through the work of their account manager, Rachel, and their own dedication to success, they were able to hit the groove and find success. In fact, they reported that since the changes that were made, they are now closing above 50% and already secured two new deck projects totaling over $16,000!

I love what I am hearing from Tony, the owner of Paintrite Painters in California. They hit the ground running with conXpros back in May 2021 by securing over $31,000 in projects in their first 2 weeks active for leads! Tony recently shared that in addition to all of the smaller projects, he also secured a $22,000 painting project recently. Keep rocking it, Tony! I love these stories and feedback from our partners. These are all examples of a formula I personally subscribe to: Hard Work + Preparation + Opportunity = Success.

As I shared in the last newsletter, we were preparing for a drive to help the homeless and less fortunate here in Atlanta. We had collected personal care & hygiene items that were distributed in the downtown area. The speed at which the packages we had disappeared and the level of gratitude from the recipients reminded me just how important it is that we all do what we can to make the world a better place. Thank God, we all are finding success. There is no better way to show our own gratitude than to give to others. I encourage everyone reading if you are not already involved in community outreach, to get involved. You make other people’s lives better and you end up feeling pretty good along the way. A true win-win.

Wishing everyone a successful Spring season. Keep the awesome success stories coming. I love knowing the positive impact we are having in all of our clients’ lives and businesses.

Ari Greenbaum
CEO & Founder, conXpros LLC

Community Outreach

Homeless Care Package Drive & Distribution

The team at conXpros just had our first community outreach event for 2022 in February!

We collected personal care & hygiene items and were able to make 50 care packages that were distributed to those in need at Woodruff Park in Downtown Atlanta.

We’re so grateful that we are fortunate enough to give back to our community. Learn more about us and our past community outreach events below!


Episode 3: Experience & Retention

Episode 3 of The X Factor: A Home Pros Sales Podcast is now available to stream!

In this episode, Ari Greenbaum interviews Jeff Wraley, Founder of Groundwork, as they talk about the customer’s experience and retention in home improvement sales and why it’s important to the success of your business.

Stream it now!

5 Ways to Manage Your Home Improvement Business’s Reputation

For owners of home improvement businesses, online reputation management is often one of the most important ways to ensure you’re generating new business.

If you don’t pay attention to what’s being said about your home improvement business online, you are not only harming your pipeline, but missing out on a big opportunity to improve lead flow, client retention, and future sales. At conXpros, we talk a lot about the importance of a customer-centric approach, and this plays a huge factor in online reputation management.

In our blog, “5 Ways to Manage Your Home Improvement Business’s Reputation, we discuss five ways to go about online reputation management and improve your relationship with your customers both past and present.

“I have used conXpros this past year to help me grow my cleaning business. I was hesitant due to bad experiences and the battle that comes with lead gen companies. Ari and his team are different. In a great way! No fighting for credit requests. They even gave me credit on several leads before I could even call the lead. Great customer support…the conXpros team is so helpful. I have referred them to two other businesses that I know would benefit from their services.”

-Elza Hobbs

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