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April 8, 2021

Written by Zach Hansen

Having multiple projects is a good sign that business is growing. However, it can set you up for major business losses if you cannot handle these projects properly. We recognize the problems entrepreneurs face in this regard and have come up with practical tips to help you. 

Prepare Detailed Project Plans

The assertion that failing to plan is planning to fail and that planning is the antidote to confusion holds true every time. In order to stay on top of your various projects and perform well in each, you need to pay close attention to planning.

The project plans should include how much time you intend to spend on each project, the number of resources the project will require, and the tasks to be performed. The plan will also include the important performance metrics to be met as the project progresses. With all of these, you avoid being stuck, as you will be aware of what steps of the project to tackle next.

Stay Organized

A key tip in your quest to deliver good work on various projects is to be organized. The benefits of being organized are multifarious. For one, you have the feeling that you are on top of your work at all times.

One way to ensure you stay organized is to keep records of the projects, especially the day-to-day operations and tasks. 

Communicate Effectively

In order to meet client expectations, you should be prepared to set up efficient communication with them.  Strong communication should start as soon as you meet with prospective clients. Ensure you create an atmosphere of mutual rapport and are as straightforward as possible with the clients on project details. All of these are geared at getting the client to trust you and your ability to deliver on the project.

This should not stop there, however. As the project progresses, ensure you give your clients regular updates on the state of affairs. Make sure they are duly informed and informed early enough if there are any changes in plans. 

Manage Your Time 

The amount of time you have to commit to each project is finite. Thus, it would help if you made efforts to manage the limited time available. One key aspect of time management is task management. This essentially entails handling the right project at the right time. It’s easy to get caught up on routine tasks and duties to create the usually false impression that one is working or busy. 

However, these do not contribute anything to moving you towards the goal, which is to get the project delivered according to specification or beyond expectation. If you believe that routine tasks are taking a considerable amount of time that would have been otherwise committed to doing actual work, you can consider bidding them out.

Bid out Work

Working on various projects at the same time may lead to physical and mental strains which can lead to subpar work. You can’t always handle every aspect of the projects yourself, so you should consider outsourcing some of the work. 

For example, keeping proper records on each of the projects’ day-to-day operations is repetitive and can be quite tiring. The obvious reaction to all of these is to procrastinate on this boring but all-important task. Instead, you can outsource this part of the work leaving you time to concentrate on delivering on the projects. 

Set Realistic Deadlines

One key way to avoid being overworked and overwhelmed by the number of projects is to set timelines that you can meet.

Customers always want their projects to be completed in the shortest possible time. It is perfectly normal while negotiating, to make concessions to the client’s wishes, but it’s not always beneficial to do so. Especially when you have a wide range of projects to deliver on.

Having multiple projects at hand is an indicator of business growth, but you need to handle them efficiently to gain and sustain customer trust.


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