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How home improvement pros can leverage social media to improve their customer service

July 12, 2022

No matter your business’s industry, every company should strive to provide the best customer service possible. But this is especially true for those in the home improvement service industry. As a home improvement pro, you know that your business’s success relies on providing excellent customer service. Now, with the amount of time people spend using social media, companies need to ensure they have a positive reputation online. 

Customers, especially homeowners, want quick, efficient service that is compatible with the digital landscape. Your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages are no longer just for promoting sales they also provide an excellent platform for improving customer service.

Keep reading to learn the 4 ways home improvement pros can leverage social media to improve their customer service.


1. Respond Quickly

As a home improvement sales professional, you know how important lead time is. The same goes for responding to messages on social media. Homeowners want a quick response to their questions otherwise they’ll go looking for answers elsewhere. 

Did you know that 43% of consumers say the most important component of a company’s social site is rapid response to questions?

It’s important to ensure you are checking on inquiries on all social accounts daily. You should be responding to comments and concerns within 24 hours of them being posted. You can also utilize chatbots and program them with your FAQs. 


2. Encourage Feedback 

Asking for feedback not only helps your business’s reputation when it’s positive, but it also shows the homeowner that you care about the level of service you provide. Any and every sale you complete should offer the homeowner a survey or other form of feedback opportunity to voice their concerns or satisfaction. 

Feedback also helps your business internally. Although the homeowner may not always be right, if multiple of them have the same opinions, they just may be. Taking feedback you receive and making an effort to improve will show the homeowner that you are serious about providing the best service possible. 

Other homeowners who may be looking to do business with you can see the way you respond to feedback, so make sure you’re respectful and helpful.


3. Leverage competitor reviews

Keeping an eye on your competition also includes looking at their reviews and the feedback they receive. There are numerous ways you can leverage competitor reviews. Monitoring competitors for the same customer issues that you deal with will provide you with new ideas for solving the issue as well as things to avoid. 

After monitoring their reviews long enough, you will start to notice a pattern of issues homeowners have with your competitors. You can use these patterns as pain points for your target audience and utilize them in your marketing. 


4. Be social, friendly, and helpful

Homeowners need someone they can trust, we all know this by now. So it’s vital that you come across as warm and welcoming as possible when interacting with them online. Avoid coming off as dry or business-like, especially when responding to feedback. Never forget that social media will only be helpful to your home improvement business as long as you stay social and engage with your audience and customers. 

With the increased use of social media every year, customers’ expectations are only going to get higher. As more companies offer improved customer service interactions through social media, they also raise customer expectations. Don’t fail to meet your customer’s expectations, start implementing our tips above to improve your customer service before it’s too late! 


For more home improvement sales tips, check out our Sales Tip Center. And if you’re in the Gutter service industry and are looking for more leads, check out this page to learn how conXpros can help! 


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