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Facts and Myths of Lead Generation

March 15, 2021

Written by Zach Hansen

There’s an overwhelming amount of information out there about how to generate, follow up on, and gain leads. However, a lot of this information isn’t reliable, and it can be very difficult to determine what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to lead generation. 

In the context of contracting, leads are essentially a homeowner who has expressed potential interest in some form of contracting services. Generating leads is a critical part of running a successful contracting business. Without leads, it’s almost impossible to gain new clients, and finding new clients who can then turn into loyal, repeat homeowners is decidedly valuable. Here, we will talk about some of the facts and myths associated with lead generation.

Myth #1: More Leads Means More Business

One of the most misleading myths out there is that if you receive a lead it means you automatically have a job. Receiving a lead is a far cry from starting on the job itself. The fact of the matter is that just because a homeowner has shown interest in a potential service it doesn’t mean that they are ready to get started right away. 

At the end of the day, it’s you and how you sell your services that ultimately turn the lead into a paying job. You should also consider that there are likely to be countless other contractors bidding for work with the same homeowners. Instead of assuming that a lead means a job, you should instead assume that you need to put your best foot forward to get that job. 

Myth #2: I Don’t Need To Pay For Leads

A lot of contractors think that paying to generate leads is a waste of money because they can generate leads on that road. Of course, paying generation services isn’t always the right solution for every contracting business but it can be extremely beneficial particularly for newly developed businesses all those who were just starting. Lead generation services are also likely to have a larger amount of leaves within your target area and can help you to contact more homeowners and grow your business.

Lead generation services are also likely to have a larger amount of leads within your target area and can help you to contact more homeowners and grow your business

Myth #3: Having A Website Equals Leads

The truth is, a website doesn’t automatically generate leads, at least not very many of them. There’s a lot that goes into making and maintaining a successful and highly visible website. Most websites don’t have high enough visibility and a sufficient click-through rate to generate the leads necessary to grow a successful contracting business. Optimizing a website to generate leads takes some work and patience, and it certainly won’t happen overnight.

Myth #4: It Doesn’t Matter How Quickly I Call A Lead

This is a dangerous myth because if you rest on your laurels when it comes to contacting leads you probably won’t land very many jobs. It’s essential that you call leads quickly and efficiently. Customers expect and appreciate a fast response time, and it’s ideal to call homeowners when they’re still thinking about the project. You should also consider the fact that that leads will likely be contacted by numerous other contractors, and if you don’t hop on it right away, you want to be the first one to land the job.

Myth #5: I Only Need To Call A Lead Once 

Many contractors understandably don’t want to bother leads and  think that if the homeowner doesn’t answer the first time they call, it means they aren’t interested and they should give up. However, there are several reasons why someone might not pick up the phone, and you certainly should try again. 

It’s very uncommon these days for people to answer calls from unknown numbers the first time. It can be beneficial to call and leave a voicemail or send a text explaining who you are and the services that you offer. Of course, you don’t want to bombard your lead with phone calls to the point of irritation, but calling more than once is acceptable and advised. Once you do get through to your lead, the next step is learning how to succeed with them. By learning all about leads and how to gain a homeowner’s business, you can help your contracting company expand, grow, and succeed.


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