A conXpros Case Study: Gutter Shutter, Southeast Wisconsin

Gutter Shutter came to conXpros after having tough experiences with impersonal lead generation companies providing non-exclusive leads. After working with conXpros, Gutter Shutter was able to significantly grow its pipeline and close more deals.

Gutter Shutter struggled with generating quality gutter leads. Taylor Walters of Gutter Shutter in Southeast Wisconsin knew he could win clients with their high-quality work, but needed to improve brand awareness. Like other fields of home improvement, gutter work is hard to come by – in Taylor’s words, “It’s not every day someone wakes up and says ‘I am going to buy new gutters today’; It is usually brought on by an event.” Walters worked with mediocre lead generation companies that provided a poor customer experience and had no interest in crediting back faulty leads. Walters knew Gutter Shutter had to find a lead generation company that cared about its clients and only charged them for genuine opportunities.

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