Accountability check: 2019 goals

Just before the start of 2019, I shared a post focusing on goal setting for the upcoming year. There were a handful to suggested focus areas such as: Going above & beyond regarding the level of customer service you provide, Improving your online presence, Increasing reviews from clients, & Creating health work-life balances.

Healthier You, Healthier Business

Most home improvement pros are constantly on the go. Early to rise, on the road or a job site all day, deadlines to meet, get what sleep you can, rinse & repeat. Often the routine forces us to neglect the self-care department of life. Grab a quick and not so healthy bite on the way to a job or meeting, pound a supersized highly caffeinated coffee or energy drink, pull 10+ hour days 6 or even 7 days per week. It is a grind, even on those with superhero stamina and energy, both physically and mentally.


There is no doubt that integrity matters, especially in business and sales. Truly successful sales people have high integrity and are trustworthy, honest and dependable. In 2019, we live in a highly transparent world. The days of sales people that will say or do anything to get the deal are ancient history. Those representing your company that fail to operate with high levels of integrity are simply bad for business.


To be consistent one must understand what affects your thoughts, feelings, and actions. We are all faced with the increasing challenge of distractions the modern world presents us on a moment to moment basis. We are under constant barrage of potential influencers, but to achieve consistency you must insulate yourself from them. If it sounds challenging, you are correct, it is. No one will ever tell you that success comes easily, rather only through tremendous and consistent effort.


“Success is all about consistency around the fundamentals” (Robin Sharma-Writer and leadership speaker). Historically, there are few if any people that have achieved massive success and have done so without consistency. The concept of consistency is practically a super-human trait, as the ones that achieve it typically are well known leaders in their areas of expertise. People by nature are highly inconsistent.