Knowledge + Action = Power


Written By Ari Greenbaum, co-founder of conXpros For centuries the phrase “knowledge is power” has been used and recycled by many well-known authors, speakers and motivators. The first documented use of the phrase goes all the way back to in the tenth-century book Nahj Al-Balagha written by Imam Ali (599-661 CE). Thomas Jefferson, Kofi Annan, … Read more

never, never, never, give up

Persist to Persist

Often, I spend time thinking about my successes and failures in sales. As any sales pro with self-awareness will share, I found there are many deals I won due to what I did or didn’t do. I don’t have data to determine what percentage of my deals were the direct result of my sales ability & skill, but just like the deals I lost, I am responsible for most of my “wins”. In other words, it was not just dumb luck, rather using processes and skills that I know work.

EGO graphic


I have rarely met a successful sales pro that doesn’t have an ego. An ego can be positive, as it is all about the desire to be the absolute best. However, ego is often a massive stumbling block for sales people. Ego fuels the inability to listen, act or take direction because of pride. I have personally witnessed many sales people climb the mountain of success, only to reach the top and never reach the same heights again. I attribute this spike and decline most commonly to ego. An unchecked ego can and often is catastrophic.


We Want YOU!!!

Likely, you are familiar with the age old saying in sales, “the prospect buys you not your product”. I believe in this statement 100%. If you are not already a believer, I suggest you continue reading and quickly adopt this FACT. It is important to understand the psychology behind this statement as opposed to just accepting it as fact. The basic principle is that people do business with people they can relate to. It is no different from how we choose our friends, significant other, or anyone we spend time with, the laws of attraction apply. With this understanding, we can now better understand the importance being yourself has in the world of sales. Prospects do not need extra reasons to say no or walk away from a deal, so it is imperative that we are real and genuine.



In a recent blog post from May 22, titled Guiding your prospect to a clear “yes”, I focused on the skill of clarity of thought and speech. This article will focus on clarity done at the highest level, the art of conversation. I have searched far and wide for a definition of “sales process”. Much to my surprise, there are none!