Carpentry Leads

Carpentry Leads and Lead Generation

When homeowners start seeing wear and tear on their houses, they need a trusted carpenter to help repair and build things for their home. If carpentry is one of your specialties, then conXpros can connect you with homeowners who need your carpentry services. We field a large variety of leads for carpentry services. Our carpentry leads match homeowners in real-time to a company in their local market qualified to meet their needs. At conXpros it’s our job to prospect your leads. Our leads are always phone verified, and 100% exclusive to you. They are never sold to any of your competitors.

Lead costs vary based on the market and type of work requested and range between $30-$35 per lead.

Some examples of carpentry requests include; Finnish Carpentry, Exterior Shutters, Exterior Trim, Interior Trim & Decorative Moldings, Window & Door Frames, Wood Stairs & Railings, Custom & Built-in Furniture


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At conXpros we are dedicated to fostering the connection between our customers and their carpenters. You can think of our account managers like your partner, dedicated to providing you with the best possible leads.  We’ll be there every step of the way to guide you through the process. Our carpentry lead generation marketing is based on real-time data from clients to create targeted campaigns that coincide with the changes in the home improvement industry. With the growth in the carpentry industry, it’s important for carpenters to stay relevant to homeowner needs. We believe clear communication between leads and clients is the best way to foster relationships and grow your business.

Our Process 

Our process is very simple. Each carpentry request is delivered to only one client as an exclusive lead. Leads are delivered in “real-time” by email and/or SMS. Every lead delivered to our clients goes through an extensive 7-point verification process. After delivering and allowing our clients the opportunity to speak with the homeowner, we start a process that includes 3 phone calls, 2 emails as well as 2 text messages. These efforts are to make sure our clients are successful in reaching the homeowner and setting appointments to meet their needs. Additionally, we “scrub” our leads for anything that indicates a quality issue. When found, we proactively credit our clients' accounts for the poor-quality lead.

It is our goal to understand the unique needs of each client and do our best to meet those needs. We will continue to work with you to make the necessary adjustments to improve the quality of your leads. conXpros generates carpenter leads from homeowners and businesses in your local market in real-time. Our leads are always phone verified and 100% exclusive to you. If your goal is to get more clients and more leads. Then conXpros is the place to start.

Why is lead generation marketing important for carpenters?

We believe you should only pay for quality leads. Check out our game-changing lead credit policy here. conXpros is one of the only lead generation companies that offer credit for leads the contractor cannot contact. It is the most aggressive policy in the industry. We issue monetary credits, not “store credit” like most other companies. We typically process credit/refund requests by the next business day, compared to the weeks it may take to get credit with other companies.

Our campaigns allow you to control where your leads come from and when you get them. There are no contracts or commitments, we are ready to earn your business. Ready to get started? Complete the form on this page and you will be on your way to success.

Ready to get started? Complete the form on this page and you will be on your way to success.